Delicious Ambiguity

Tonight I came across an old journal entry that made me realize how quickly things can change.  Strange, but at the same time, it made me realize how constant and unwavering the human spirit can be.  I then glanced at the date of the entry; it was dated exactly four years ago today.  Since the … Continue reading Delicious Ambiguity

Stirring Some Old Bones

I've told this story before… Many times and in many different settings to quite a few different cultures of people.  The intrigue of the story never falters or fades; I find this quite remarkable since the tale itself cannot be proved at all.  Perhaps that's why it's so timeless… My paternal grandmother was an extreme … Continue reading Stirring Some Old Bones

Ghosts of the Past

It is after midnight; I cannot sleep.  I am alone — completely alone — for the first time in what seems like aeons.  The kids are spending the night with their aunt in Winchester. I think this is the first time I've been completely alone since he died in 2003.  It is also officially Easter, the … Continue reading Ghosts of the Past


48 hours ago the world was perfect.  Or so it seemed.  The skies were cerulean and beaming, the temperatures soared above 80 degrees.  It was bliss.  Pure and simple bliss.  Now, right before the beginning of my Easter break, I am looking out my window in disdain and contempt.  A mad snow storm blows its … Continue reading Temptations…

The Glory of Humanity

If someone had told me years ago that delving into the world of nursing would be so utterly time, energy, and emotion consuming, I would have thought twice about it.  And then, I would have taken a deep breath, said a quiet prayer, and jumped in anyway.  My first degree was in computer science and … Continue reading The Glory of Humanity

Sunshine and Beer

There are, for all of us, days that stick out a little farther in the memory than others.  Today, yesterday, and Friday were such days.  I took a weekend trip home to Virginia on Friday morning, kids in tow.  The weather had a rather sprightly disposition for early March; the previous week's snow buckled under … Continue reading Sunshine and Beer

Country Roads…

I've decided to shake off the seven inches of snow surrounding my home here in the backwoods of Pennsylvania and take a trip home to Virginia for a day or so.  Taking a trip these days is nothing short of an ordeal.  Not only do I have to spend four and a half hours in the Jeep … Continue reading Country Roads…