July Runs Faster Than I Do

July is passing on swift wings in a blur of amber sunsets, philosophical midnight conversations, sultry, lazy days, and not nearly enough hours… July 4th was the fourth anniversary of my husband's death; it came and went with family and friends, fireworks, and an impossibly odd triple rainbow that loomed above the mountains for longer … Continue reading July Runs Faster Than I Do

Summer Solstice

The first day of Summer has officially arrived, and the longest day of the year ensues.  The northern hemisphere will experience 15 hours of daylight.  At 2:06PM (eastern time), the sun will appear to stand still in the sky. Astronomy and nature are fascinating beyond explanation.  Days like these tend to give me a restless … Continue reading Summer Solstice

In the Pines

I never thought I'd admit it, but I have to say: I'm bored.  The schools turned the rugrats out for the summer on June 1, and I haven't had a moment's peace since.  I love my kids; I'd give them a kidney in a second's notice.  Still, there are times when I'd just like a … Continue reading In the Pines

Distant Music

Despite the rumors, I'm still alive.  And well, to boot.  I've been basking in the twilight sun in the evenings in my own Margaritaville (also known as the deck out back).  When it's not twilight time I'm usually found cleaning out some cupboard that's been neglected (so that's where I hid the rum!) or attempting … Continue reading Distant Music