His name was Charlie. I was fascinated by his eyes, one dark brown, one pale blue. Such assets would make for a peculiar looking man, no doubt. Charlie wasn’t a peculiar looking man at all, but rather, a peculiar looking dog. He had a bit of Husky in him, but Charlie was an undeniable, pure-bred … Continue reading Charlie


Through the thick morning fog and the glare of oncoming headlights they ran, and I saw them from a distance as I approached closer in my car. I slowed more quickly than I should have; coffee sloshed from my mug and splattered specks of caffeine-laced amber all over the steering column. The stray liquid didn’t … Continue reading Victims

Nearly Seven

Summer, 1980. Jamie had come to stay with us for several weeks, I remember. I was nearly seven and she had just turned 12. I saw her as an adult, my sophisticated cousin with the usual pre-teen bad attitude and sassy mouth. She was a beautiful young woman who would be entering the seventh grade come fall. She applied … Continue reading Nearly Seven

Like a Lion

Hello, March, you beastie, you.  I have to say, I'm quite glad to see you.  I've thought about it, and I don't believe I saw a day of sunshine in the entire month of February.  There are people here in western Pennsylvania who are so pale that the sclera of their eyes match their skin … Continue reading Like a Lion

11 Days…

Spring break has finally arrived.  I am having a hard time with calling it "spring" break, however.  It's a winter break, if you ask me.  After all, it's still February.  It was 15 degrees this morning as I drove to Carmichaels to do my community service project with Val.  The slush, salt and a road … Continue reading 11 Days…

Rural Legends

My hometown of Richlands, Virginia is just a speck of rural geography on a map.  It’s a rather secluded little place.  It’s an hour’s drive to an interstate highway, and even further to an airport.  There are people there that I know personally who have never seen an ocean, met a black person, or explored … Continue reading Rural Legends