Black Bayou

It’s a disheartening thing just how much time a full time job requires, ain’t it? It’s taken me longer than I prepared myself for to write my novel, the very one that floats around in my head all day long, even while I’m working at my real job. We have to eat, I reckon. And … Continue reading Black Bayou


   Naomi is quiet tonight. I'm pretty sure she thinks too much as I do, though I can't tell for sure. I've never heard her speak a word. Never seen her face, not counting the time I found a faded image of her in a yellowed and fragile newspaper clipping from the time it happened, a black and … Continue reading Naomi

Relique and Anna Sea

Once upon a time… I was the mistress of a place called Relique. I wore the name Anna Sea for quite a few years. I was, for the longest time, unaware of the following that I received. Relique.Net was, quite honestly, a rather narcissistic undertaking, one which evolved into a phenomenon that I haven't comprehended…until … Continue reading Relique and Anna Sea


Jones Chapel Cemetery.  I’ve driven by it a thousand times; it’s nestled quietly into the wooded hillside of Cedar Bluff, Virginia.  I took my camera and an entire Saturday afternoon to be with the sleeping residents of this community, which is undoubtedly a relique in its own right. Most of the people buried here have … Continue reading Sleepers

I Saw Silence

Last night in my dreams I met a girl that I had known many years ago. We had been in elementary school together, and I hadn’t seen her since. In the dream, she was still a 10 year-old girl. I suppose my imagination can’t picture her as an adult. Her name was Amy. She was … Continue reading I Saw Silence


His name was Charlie. I was fascinated by his eyes, one dark brown, one pale blue. Such assets would make for a peculiar looking man, no doubt. Charlie wasn’t a peculiar looking man at all, but rather, a peculiar looking dog. He had a bit of Husky in him, but Charlie was an undeniable, pure-bred … Continue reading Charlie


Through the thick morning fog and the glare of oncoming headlights they ran, and I saw them from a distance as I approached closer in my car. I slowed more quickly than I should have; coffee sloshed from my mug and splattered specks of caffeine-laced amber all over the steering column. The stray liquid didn’t … Continue reading Victims