Happy Jazz

Have I mentioned previously how insane 2008 has been? I think I have. Instead of lamenting again (and sounding like one of Hemingway's parrots – if he had any), I henceforth resolve to be more optimistic than usual. The holidays were… quiet. Fine by me, really. I wasn't into Christmas this year. The spirit just … Continue reading Happy Jazz


Spring has officially sprung.  Winter's ghost is refusing to retreat, however; snow flurries were flying this morning when the kids left for school.  I suppose the changing of seasons is difficult for Winter (the old hag), despite the fact that her fight is inevitably futile.  But it's not today.  The battle rages on.  We all … Continue reading Seasons

Like a Lion

Hello, March, you beastie, you.  I have to say, I'm quite glad to see you.  I've thought about it, and I don't believe I saw a day of sunshine in the entire month of February.  There are people here in western Pennsylvania who are so pale that the sclera of their eyes match their skin … Continue reading Like a Lion

Auld Lang Syne

2007 has not been easy, but it has been more than memorable.  Being a widowed mother of two youngsters is no easy task, I assure you.  July of 2008 will see the 5th anniversary of his death; I have changed so entirely since then.  For the best, I think (I hope).  Still, the path that leads to … Continue reading Auld Lang Syne

Provoking Destiny

At long last, the seemingly endless parade of another semester has come to an anesthetic end.  I'm finding it difficult to feel the sweet sense of release that I've anticipated; perhaps that eluding pathos will find me at the end of next semester.  It will, after all, be the last.  I have nearly a month … Continue reading Provoking Destiny

December’s Advice

November has retreated into a gelid oblivion, and I can't say that I'm going to miss her.  In fact, I'm glad she's gone.  My time has been mostly consumed by research projects, presentations, mandatory busy work, and more research projects.  And the kids, of course.  And their friends (which I'll mention later).  I'm an optimistic … Continue reading December’s Advice