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  1. Anna, I’ve just now discovered you! I’m fascinated with Appalachian Granny women and their workings. Does your Granny have a stillroom book that she keeps with her recipes? Have you ever heard of John Gunn’s medicinal (it is based, I believe, on eastern Tennessee plants)? I have just completed writing my first book, a novella, based on a 17th-century Ipswich, MA, healer and midwife.

  2. Your beautiful stories set amongst the hills and magical mountains are also my very own dreams 👼🌛! I am a healer, a gift from nature and sure wish I had a wise and wonderful Grandmother like you…🍃🔮🌜😇 Blessings to you… always, Trudy Anne Good Night 💤🌙
    😊 Sweet Dream

    1. Cheri, I’m working on a magazine for western NC, and I’d love to chat with you about any number of topics. Could you email sometime at carmen@eckardphotographic dot com?

      Anna, I’ve messaged you as well.

  3. Your writing makes the back of my neck prickle in a way that I rarely experience. I’ve been looking for writing about mountain mother for a long time. I hope you continue! I think you’ve struck something golden. Thank you for acquainting me to Granny and the mountains.

  4. Anna,

    I get your stuff from Annie (“Uptocountry”) who was our den mother in the Office of Legislative Affairs for the USN. By way of introduction, I may be a native Detroiter- and proud to this day about what was- but my Irish-side people were all river folks on the Ohio and they flowed south through Nashville, and walked around the Upper South for a total of seven years in the Great Unpleasantness between the States.

    The Scots side were central Pennsylvania for a couple centuries, roots to the Revolution and the Pennsylvania Third Regiment of Foot who fought against the tyrant George III.

    I would like to interview you for my Socotra blog. Would you have the time? In-person always is best, but phone can work, too. 703-216-1837.

    Check the site for my bona fides:

    Love your way with words! There is something about the way you tell the stories of the families in the little towns in the narrow hollows below the low mountains that tugs strongly at my heart.

    Mom’s river home of Bellaire, OH, was selected for the on-site scenes in Jodie Foster’s film “The Silence of the Lambs” because you can’t find a more pretty and depressing place. We still get some of us buried there on the hill above town, though we do argue about whether is the Catholic side or not.

    Oh, I am a Bad Apple, too. Please put me on your distribution list.


  5. My grandmother was a witch in the old Americana tradition. She passed some of her knowledge on to myself, a bit to a female cousin. She passed too early. Before being able to train me in the oldways. I feel her blood in my beating heart and have her grace within. My greatest regret is to not have enough time with her. I will be interested to seek more information by lesrning about you Miss Anna Wess. Thank you.

  6. Your writings express very well my childhood and adulthood in the North Georgia Mountains I call home. Thank you for putting into words all these feelings (both bad and good) that I cannot articulate. Blessed be!

    1. Finding a letter in my mailbox from Anna Wess is like getting money from home and not sending for it. Anna’s stories are a gift that can me back to the people and places that now are gone, but will life forever in my memories. Thank you, Anna Wess.

  7. About your novel, Miss Anna, there’s no time like the present! Considering what your words do for the soul and how needy we are, please feed us. I am going on 71 years old and I would be grateful to hold your novel in my hands and pass it on to my granddaughters.

  8. I enjoyed reading your article “Southwest Virginia Saturday Nights”. My family is from Saltville, Va, Not far where you grew up!

  9. Ms. Wess, I’m a graduate student studying Appalachian folk traditions at Marshall University (Huntington, WV) and I was wondering if you would mind conducting a short interview with me about Appalachian granny magic? I can conduct the interview via email or over the phone, whichever you prefer. Thank you for your time and your wonderful blog. I can be reached at

  10. Ive had three very enjoyable trips to the Appalachian area of Virginia and North Carolina in my pursuit of the oldtime mountain music.Ive met and spent sometime with some of the mountain people.In my practice of Wicca now I was very interested to find Appalachian Witchcraft tradition.I am sure the rural life,beautifull environment and animals unique to that area must just enrich your practice.Witchcraft is nature based and you could not get a better platform than the Appalachians.
    Best wishes

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