Anna Wess

135 thoughts on “Anna Wess”

  1. I enjoyed reading your article “Southwest Virginia Saturday Nights”. My family is from Saltville, Va, Not far where you grew up!

  2. Ms. Wess, I’m a graduate student studying Appalachian folk traditions at Marshall University (Huntington, WV) and I was wondering if you would mind conducting a short interview with me about Appalachian granny magic? I can conduct the interview via email or over the phone, whichever you prefer. Thank you for your time and your wonderful blog. I can be reached at

  3. Ive had three very enjoyable trips to the Appalachian area of Virginia and North Carolina in my pursuit of the oldtime mountain music.Ive met and spent sometime with some of the mountain people.In my practice of Wicca now I was very interested to find Appalachian Witchcraft tradition.I am sure the rural life,beautifull environment and animals unique to that area must just enrich your practice.Witchcraft is nature based and you could not get a better platform than the Appalachians.
    Best wishes

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