Cabin Fever: You Get What You Ask For

32 thoughts on “Cabin Fever: You Get What You Ask For”

  1. Love your stories. I am from East Tennessee but don’t live there now. If I were younger I would move back. My Mamaw and Papaw were very important in my life. I knew both sets of grandparents and also my great grandmother, but my maternal grandparents were my security. My grandmother was the strongest women I have ever known. She lost her first husband and one little girl in six months time. She had already lost one baby girl and had one left when her husband died of tuberculosis. My grandfather lost his first wife to the 1918 flu. She left him with six children to raise by himself. Later he met my grandmother at church and convinced her to marry him. They had twin children,my mother and her brother. He said he married the two most beautiful women in Tennessee, one blond and one dark. I love them as much as my parents. They often housed many of the family as people did back then.

  2. I’m from the hills of West Virginia. My Daddy worked regularly, but we were never rich. Mom stayed home to care for the 5 of us. No matter what grief we gave her, we paid the price when Dad got home. “You’ve made your bed, no lie in it”. I’m from the Celtic side, the only of 5 without red hair. I was the rebel without a cause, I did it ‘just because’. I even knew I’d get the board. I try to pass on to my 5 daughters, the wills & ways of Grandma & her sister from the old country (Belgium). At the same time squeezing in just as much as the Irish side. Proud of my mixed heritage.

  3. Pleeeease churn out something to share. Seriously, I need to escape into your down home magical world. Now more than ever with the current state of affairs and all. Plus I really want to hear more about Granny. You are missed.

  4. I too lived in the same area you lived in… my family had a “granny witch” and my family also was not good enough for the local upper class “ You’re one of those Puckett’s aren’t ya” I was asked from those “bitches” as their mamas turned up their nose like someone had just put a dog turn under that very same nose. Keep writing I am a big fan.

  5. I smile as I read your words, and think of my own paternal grandmother and the sun porch where she sat and shelled beans or churned buttermilk. Thanks for evoking fond memories…

  6. I spent the day reading your site. Started back in the 2008 posts. Wonder what happened to the nurse and her kids?? Were you blogging about yourself ?? If so, how did you get to the place of writing about wild craft ?? Are these tales from your childhood…..are just well thought out writings ???
    I wish I had started a life blog. Do not have your skill, but can see that we have no story tellers for our family past to be recorded. 30 years from now my great,great grandkids will not know of my Mother being saved by a ghost when she was 10 years old.
    Love your writing…….

  7. I stumbled over here while looking for the Return to Witch Mountain movie from the 70’s, and so glad I did! Your stories are rich in all things good. Thank you and your Granny.

  8. Anna darlin’ I love ya, love ya, love ya!!!! I do have cabin fever. It’s Still. We’re supposed to be in the garden now but we’re expecting snow tomorrow. We are flooded in again, still! This has been a very tryin’ winter. I live in a 1824 log home. I didn’t get to know none of my grannies but I do have one of them wood cook stoves. I just stumbled upon your stories today. You know that feeling between cabin fever and spring fever? Well thanks for the good medicine. In love and light, Dana

  9. I needed this today after a 14″ snow dump yesterday. I was whisked back to the Warm Morning coal stove heating the kitchen and Mr. Jimmy on WAYN giving us the daily obits to the mighty wurlitzer pumping away in the background. Thank you for taking this 57 year old body back to the days when we hung on the words of the ‘big folk’ and thought the world was our oyster.

  10. Oh my goodness!!!!! I love this!!!!! I can hear the voices and feel the feet flatfootin on the linoleum….I can even smell the soup and hear the radio organ!!!!! Oh I want a big thick book with all this in it!!!!! Cause here in Mt. JULIET, Tn. I’ve got cabin fever!!!!! God bless you and thanks for using your gift!!!!!

  11. Dear Anna…how I love the words you write. I grew up in Clintwood, so when I read your words they transport me back to those Southwest Virginia mountains. Thank you so much for writing them and sharing them with us.

  12. Such a wonderful reflection of simple days. When gatherings were around the kitchen table. My Granny lived back a holler in Eastern Ky. Thank the Lord that kitchen table couldn’t talk, I was a Youngin, but loved listening.. TY. For the smiles you brought back ..

  13. I needed this today…thank you thank you thank you!!! God bless you today and always for helping us regular folk have a smile and a tear when we need it the most….Luv y’all so much!

    1. I am with you! I am about read for Old Man Winter’s name to be on the local obituaries on WRIC-AM 540 radio!

  14. What a simply wonderful story! I grew up in the App. Mtns. I remember yearning for the day that we could go barefooted and catch lightening bugs in old mayonnaise jars. We would stay out late on those long summer evenings and play until the porch light flashed and we knew it was time to go inside. Your story brings back great memories. Thank you for that!

  15. Reading this was just like walking through one of those warm sweet pockets of Springtime air that gets loose in late Winter… brought me joy and hope. I just love what you write and I want you to have a long glorious career as a writer 😊
    And some big summertime ‘maters!

  16. Oh how you bring back my memories! Yes we all have those bitches in our lives and i never got caught skinny dippin (to afraid of snakes) but i like to say there were Jeter boys after me too!!! Thank you once again!

  17. Them bitches lived everywhere in the South for sure. I’m asking for a beautiful spring with warm days and crisp nights, wildflowers blooming and the sweet smell of my Nannie’s lilac. Then I want long warm days, juicy homegrown tomatoes, warm dirt between my toes and lots of time fishing in the river. Great stories, thank you.

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