You ol’ Noisy Girls

48 thoughts on “You ol’ Noisy Girls”

  1. Thank you for this, I cried at being told the same thing to me by my mother. Wish I’d known to make some noise, i sure did teach my baby girl to make noise. I’m like your daddy, I’d make sure someone would be takin’ a dirty nap.

  2. I love your writing style. I felt like I was right there in the house with Big Ruby’s cooking sending happy smells all through the house.

  3. I had my devils too, first as a young child, a grandfather, of course offering candy not quite understanding. Then again as a teenager when my parents separated and we were living in a boarding house with our dad, another border who had a room. I suffered in silence, ashamed to tell anyone fear of me being blamed for something I may have done wrong. This turned me into a full-blown tomboy just to protect myself. Still, to this day, something I am ashamed to speak of. If I had said something my dad would have killed them both! I raised my daughter with many warnings, “men like pretty little girls,” “Be careful”, “Watch what you wear, if you want ones attention you will get all of their attention.” Sadly I think she did not always heed my warnings and had her own devils too. Thank you for sharing your stories, they have to be real and from the heart.

  4. Beautiful, thank you for sharing and thank you for being a noisy girl. I too was told to be quiet but was lucky enough to have another side of the family that gave me my voice back. I’m proud that this generation of silenced girls has grown up and will raise our girls noisy.

  5. Thank you for your story…we all need to be noisy girls to bring light to all the devil’s! I’ve had my share of abuse but now have a very sweet and loving man in my life that helped me to love and trust again! And your talk if pone bread brought back memories of my Granny Hall cooking on her old wood stove…ohh how I miss those days!

  6. My heart aches for the women who have encountered the devils in their lives. I consider myself extremely lucky to have never been faced with it in all my 62 years. I’ve been buried 2 wonderful husbands and now have a good man. I am one very lucky woman indeed. Prayers to all the women who are not as lucky and may the devils meet THEIR devils one day soon!! May God give you strength to fight your devil and may he be damed!!

  7. Anna, Anna, Anna! Thank you for calling me “an ol’ noisy girl!” For all my 62 1/2 years I’ve had trouble being noisy for exactly the reason you say. I’ve met more than my share of devils too and in various forms of devilishness. Your blog arrived in my inbox on the day after I faced off with my greatest devil’s lawyer on the phone (I’ve been trying to battle this out on my own because I can’t afford my own lawyer). It was hard. He was mean and rude. I was strong during the forty minute call, a strong sister by my side, while he blasted and berated me the same way my former devil did. I got all noisy and told the lawyer what to tell the devil I want. That night I was exhausted and took to the tub to contemplate my Wonder Woman-ness. Yesterday, before I saw your blog I was an emotional basket case wishing I had grandchildren to cuddle instead of fighting the devil at this stage in my life. Reading your blog, though I’m still tired to the bone, gives me a glimmer of hope that the devils won’t be fiddling their self serving tunes much longer. Love from one ol’ noisy girl to another and to all you noisy girls out there.

  8. This is so very true of how it was. And what an awesome way to put it out there for everyone to read. Great writing and bringing the past into a picture.

  9. Brought tears to my eyes! I was in my wild 20s when I met my devil but I know too many others who met em way too young. As always, I adore your writing.

  10. Thank you for this brave, wise and powerful post…and for creating a space for others to tell their stories. I work with an organization in VA with a mission to end sexual and domestic violence. Would love to share this with other folks thru our blog. You can check us out at and let me know if you would consider it. Your words, “we didn’t start these fires…” Standing up together I have faith that we will put them out. 💜

  11. Wow,that is powerful writing. Bless you and all the ‘noisy girls’ who have shared their truth here. And the ‘devils? Damn them to hell.

  12. I am in awe of your ability to put these words out there. Thank you so much. I can relate to everything you’ve said here, even the soup and cornbread (I still make it like that), and if I don’t have the okra, I go to the store and buy the frozen kind.
    Here’s hoping there is justice soon coming to all the devils! Love your writing. Keep it coming!

  13. There are so incredibly many of us “Me, too” girls living in these hills and hollers. Thank the good Lord for giving us loud voices when we need to use them. I do love your voice speaking truth.

  14. I’m one of the ol’ noisy girls now. It took me years to get noisy, and with every day that passes I get noisier and noisier, now that I’m nearing 40! I was so young and little when I got my devil, and he wasn’t much older than me. I was a mouse back then during those years, but when the next generation started showing up in our family, I told. I got noisy to protect them from the Devils.

  15. Anna,
    I read this and tears came to my eyes. Devels are everywhere and I raised my boys to not be one of them! Nightmares still come..But, I’m a noisy girl now..and LIke you said.. Yes, I reckon we do!

  16. So many Devils. So many of us that met ’em when we were just babies.
    I kept quiet until my 20s. No more. I’m almost 60 now, and one of them ol’ noisy ones. Bless you, Anna.

  17. I love your stories… i’m from Southwest VA and I certainly identify with a lot of your observations and attitudes of mountain people…. keep on writing…

  18. I’ve been a loud mouth my whole life. I got loud enough at 16 to stop the damage to me, but, not loud enough. I’m trying to make up for it now. And, I guarantee you I’ll be pissing on my cousin’s grave, when he’s dead, all the time talkin’ loud.
    He was a sorry sack of shit that abused every girl, woman and boy that he was alone with long enough. A sly bastard that got away with it too many times.
    The devil will dance with him…

  19. Devils & skeletons in the closet, too many secrets that need to see the light of day. Turn them to dust and sweep them out.

  20. Yes indeed! I’ll come join you and all of the ol’ noisy girls, up on the mountain for some of that good ol’ soup and cornbread. It has been way too long, and there has been way too many devils in this ol’ world! (#Timesup) Thank You, Anna Wess! I LOVE and appreciate (and can relate to) ALL of your work! Please keep it up!! 👏❤🙋🏻

  21. Us noisy ol girls will never again hush up. I’ve been hollering since I was 7yrs old, I’m 64 now. I carried a lot of anger for most of my life due to the damnation I got for being noisy about such things, even from my older sisters,(their husbands were the worse), and from my own mom. But I decided that if I am going to be made blame then I am calling names and speaking out who they were. Hell a couple of those brother in laws decided to become preachers and came crawling to me for my forgiveness. Shoot the devils house is where they preach so nothing for me to forgive. Couple of their first born sons sit in prison today for not knowing of their daddy’s repentance. If they had they may of thought twice about violating their own baby girls. Such is the life on earth, people hide in shame what should be shouted from mountain tops!

  22. I’m sorry, Anna. Me, too – ‘cept I was 4 and it was a 19 year old neighbor – been running from the devil ever since. Now I’m done runnin’ and I’ll give the devil a head start just to get a better aim. Thanks for the truth- it ain’t always pretty.

  23. There MUST be in every girls life, someone who will talk to her and advise her in no uncertain terms, about this subject . And not just one “talk” , but regularly, annually, or seasonly, so that every girl knows what is out of order, and what to do about it. It is always right to speak up loudly any time, every time …Have no fear. Yes, starve out those monsters. Shine the light on them every time!
    Anna, you have done a great service. Thankyou.

  24. Thank you for this! I love your writing as it speaks to my heart, my soul and to my childhood. Please keep writing such wisdom!

  25. I reckon some gals got a plum good right to get real noisy bout what’s happened to them but some of em have gone to cryin wolf when ain’t been nothin happening !
    Now don’t get me wrong if a gal has been done wrong she has every right to stand up there on the roof of the barn and holler her head off and at the same time she has a god given right to defend herself with whatever she can get her hands on!!

  26. I can’t get enough of your writing. It’s so honest and down to earth. I also had a devil for a step father. And mother was so wrapped up with him she didn’t seem to care. When it did come out years later she was a victim blamer and made my life absolutely miserable. I’m not a victim though I’m a warrior and a survivor and I’m wise to the devil’s ways and can usually spot those devils a mile away.

  27. Your words are always as if taken from my mouth. Have you been peeking inside my brain? Sisters, aunts, mothers, grandmothers what a lineage to pass down. The obscene acceptance and the women who chose to sacrifice the innocent instead of protect. Too afraid to be loud willing to feed the monsters.

  28. You succeeded where others failed. Because once you’re noisy and that adult makes an excuse for it, or disbelieves it… a license is granted and the devils line up…

  29. I knew more than I want to mention. One was my own Granddaddy.

    Jean Good
    UVa’s College at Wise
    1 College Ave.
    Wise VA 24293

    276-328-0209 Voice
    276-376-1026 Fax

    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
    ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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