That Old Granny Magic

73 thoughts on “That Old Granny Magic”

  1. I was raised by my grandparents. We lived in Illinois, but they were from the mountains of Tennessee. Religious folk, but after my Meme’s brother died, she swore he was visiting her in dreams, and as a robin.

    For five years, she swore it was the same robin every year. I was skeptical, but that robin looked a little more grey each year. She’s been gone for seven years now. And for seven years, I’ve been seeing a fat little robin, that gets a little more grey each year. It hops close and watches me, and I swear it feels like her. I now watch for it every spring.

    Sometimes, I see them in dreams. They always look so happy. The love and magic I thought was gone after they died is there again. I’m back in my childhood for a moment, the smells, the rooms. I hear their voices and laughter.

    My best friend doesn’t believe in “this stuff.” There’s an old magic in these parts, too, forgotten or shunned. I don’t argue, though. My believing it doesn’t harm her. It brings comfort to me when I really need a hug from my grandparents or to believe it will be okay, and I feel a little something in the air.

    1. I don’t doubt your visitations with that robin one bit! I’ve had some interesting visits myself so you aren’t alone! In fact I recently started offering readings to people to connect them with their deceased loved ones. The results have been pretty amazing after holding in my ability for 63 years!

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