Days of the Dog Star

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  1. I have a box of pictures from my mother’s family, early color prints, older black & white, cabinet cards, and tintypes, and when I was in college (back in the ’70s) I asked my grandmother and the last surviving great-aunt, “who are these people?” and wrote what they told me on the backs of the pictures. One of my favorites is a cabinet card of a stern-faced woman sitting on the front porch of a cabin, and on the back it says, “Aunt Donie. Lived up the holler. She knew things.”

  2. I stumbled upon this blog and am enchanted. What beautiful writing. It caresses you, taking you to old and new places, some real, some in your dreams of hills and magic. Thank you so much! looking forward to more.

  3. Just want to tell you how much I enjoy your writing. I am a 73 year old Indiana farm ” girl “. My ancestors settled in Virginia in the 1700’s, on to Tennessee and then finally on to southern Illinois where most still are. Most of my people would always say ” you-uns” all come back and see us agin’ .” Sure would love to hear them say that again, I think about those old days with family. I feel those spirits speak to me, too. I’m comfortable with them. I look forward to your next writing . You put into words what some of us feel in our hearts.

  4. I hope that you will write a book soon so I can keep on reading. Every time I get one of your stories I save it til just before twilight, or before dawn, before a storm or in the deep of winter just so I can be alone and savor reading it two or three times.

    1. I find these stories fascinating for I do not come from here. I c am Australian and my background is do different but some where in it there is that grain of Truth of life..of living the life where ever it is As for the ghosts well have them but I liked how it was mentioned listening to them in the quiet times..with tv..when the wind was up etc. .. took me back to my days with grandmother on the farm..a time of great happiness.

  5. I have been diagnosed with amnesia, along with other mental illnesses. Your stories makes me feel like I’m home in the hills again, and even spark memories that I had long lost. Thank you for what you do.

  6. Your story truly took me back in time to my Granny & Popaw’s house in the country of Virginia. She was a wonderful cook and always fixed fried chicken on Sundays. She was a godly woman & very soft spoken. I always spent a week with them in the summertime; she adored me & I adored her. I was the oldest grandchild so my Granny always treated me special. I would stay at their house part of my Christmas vacation from my school days; I’d help her wrap gifts, put up the tree & decorate it with all her sentimental ornaments, bake cakes & pies galore. This is the first time I’ve read your writings and it was shared with me on facebook; I am ‘hooked’ on your writings. Thanks for making my week!

  7. For a moment I was back in my mamaw’s little kitchen, standing in front of her Hosier cabinet watching her roll out pie crust and listening to her tell me a story or something she just wanted me to remember. That was the best place in the world for me. Those were the best of times and I didn’t even know it. My mamaw hard a hard life all her life, yet she would see a neighbor’s child that looked “poorly” and off we would be to pick green beans, corn and tomatoes and have my Papaw dig up some potatoes. She couldn’t stand to see a child go hungry because she had gone hungry herself as a child. I miss her every day of my life, she was the one person I knew that loved me no matter what. I pray thru God grace I will see her again

  8. Thank you for putting things in writing that I feel in my heart and mind. From another gal that isn’t a “Peach” or a “Belle” but from East TN!!

  9. I really love your stories – you bring to life times & places I will never know. Places across the ocean from where I live. Times that were different to my own. I’m a grandmother but my kids & grandkids live far away. The phone, email & facebook keep us in contact, as well as visits a couple of times a year. But there are no ghosts where I live. They are in England, and in the places I have lived in Australia in past times. Perhaps I will be the ghost one day.

  10. Beautiful and nostalgic….. always appreciate your insight….miss my Appalachian home and family…..thanks once again for sharing

  11. Lady, you really know how to make me homesick. Another time and another universe, before I left the Mountains.

  12. T’was a night for crying, and your words eased them out of my heart and then out the cracks in the corners of my eyes. Thank you for your Magick and my hearts ease. Blessings. ..

  13. Thanks for the memory. You made me cry. You have a way with the magic words that cast the spell that brings the sacred place and people and my young self back to here and now. You make me hungry for the food, the sights and smells and the people. Wow! Amazing magic girl amazing!

  14. You took me back. Back to Mawmaw and Pawpaw’s farm. After a day of picking berries or pickling corn or loading the old crock with shredded cabbage and salt in the old crock to start fermenting kraut. After sunset, we’d sit on the porch listening to the night sounds of the hoot owls, whip-poor-wills, and crickets. Enjoying Pawpaw’s french harp music. Memories that made my chest swell with longing from the wonder of those simple days that were the best of my life. Thank you taking me with you.

  15. Your writing takes me back to a simpler time for I, too, had a granny like you, except I called her Mamma. She doted on her grandchildren; was a wonderful cook; a lover of words and beautiful flowers; a woman of strong Christian beliefs yet she was also a believer of signs and spirits and warnings and ghosts. I so look forward to reading your tales of home – mine and yours and others who were fortunate enough to have been born and raised here in these Appalachian hills and hollers! Simply beautiful!

  16. Grew up and still live in WV. Love the mountains, their stories and secrets. Your writings are spot on. Thank you for sharing with us.

  17. You are just such an old soul writer. Sometimes when your talkin I can see the Walker sisters at their cabin up off Roaring Fork. I can see the swinging bridge I was afraid to cross as the Pigeon River rushed it’s flood waters under me like a freight train going by. I can see the tiny bird like woman that used to sit me, and loved talking to me while she broke beans. I love your voice. Thanks for singing….

  18. Oh, those ghosts are real. They visit every time I snap green beans like Grandma taught me, when I smell the smoke from a Camel cigarette just like Papa smoked, or when I break off part of Granny’s aloe vera plant to soothe a burn.

    Years after my Grandma died, Papa would still see her up early in the morning walking towards the kitchen to fix his breakfast in her cast iron skillet. He always smiled and went back to sleep with the peace of knowing she was still there.

    Thank you for your words.

  19. Love the stories and pictures. Brought back a lot of my younger years . We were pour in some ways but rich in other ways.

  20. Oh, I so love your stories, I get excited when I see you pop up on my facebook page, Thank you so much for sharing you life with us! Sincerely, Debbie Register from
    Fresno, California

  21. I have tears streaming down my face. It’s almost as if I’m there. And makes me think of my own grandmother on the ranch whom I loved so dearly. Just fabulous as usual!

  22. I absolutely adore your writings…..brings back such memories of growing up in Appalachia….and my wonderful grandmother who made such an impression on me….I moved back into this space between 20 years ago… is in my soul….

  23. I had tears running down my face as I read this. I sit here on the hill above what was my Great-Granny’s house and remember all the Sunday dinners we had there. Always fried chicken, kids running everywhere and my Grandmother and Uncles picking guitar on the porch. She always had extra just in case her sisters or brothers and their families would come up for a visit from South Carolina. She was the oldest of eleven kids so she was like a mother to most of her siblings. Everyone wanted to come to North Carolina to Aunt Doshie’s house. All the family is scattered everywhere now and we are lucky if we get together once a year. But every time I looked out my kitchen window down on that little house I smile and feel truly Blessed. Thank you for sharing your treasured memories.

  24. Your words are honey for the soul. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories. I love your Granny! She’s my kinda woman.

  25. Your writing is absolutely glorious and I will watch for the next installment. This Granny from southern CA asked to be called Granny when my grandchildren were born and now they are adults who still call me Granny. Shane introduced me to his beautiful bride: “I want you to meet my Granny!”

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