Devil’s Den: The New Appalachia

30 thoughts on “Devil’s Den: The New Appalachia”

  1. And a can of Aqua net . . . And a swatch watch if possible. The bangs must stay up and the watch must be flashed with the purse slung over the shoulder. Oh my how I cruised the mall and my mammaw and papas told me , “ Ain’t no good comes from that “. They were wrong though. You bring back such good memories .

  2. Thanx for taking me back to “devils den”. I have some good memories from making those 2 laps in the Kroger 500 in a red Iroc Z! It’s a dirty shame what our hometown has become, we would have never thought it would become what it has. If only we could turn back the hands of time! I think most of us would have done something to stop it from becoming what it has become! Keep up the good work! I always enjoy your writings since we’re from the same neck of woods. Again thanx for taking me back to our heydays!

  3. Reading your blog has brought me back to mamaw’s setee, and all the old stories. Talking the fire out and devils wedding feast, curses, haints and laying on of hands. Planting according to the moon, (and pickling too). You Wright like we talk.
    Truly lovely to read. Thank you

  4. Man, this takes me back! My memories in this place were the best ones of my youth.And, oh, what an era lol. Last time I went “home ” it broke my heart, all the dope slinging…no more coal mine, moonshine, or moving on down the line. A sad reality:( but your beautiful words take me back to a time of Sunday Suppers, picking poke greens, playing in the slate dumps, and MawMaws church ladies coming over. Thank you for the smile!

  5. Loved this one. I remember the irocs, the fieros, and most importantly, the music. I’d go back there in a heartbeat.

  6. I was sixteen in 1989. Grew up in Appalachia.
    I loved this. So many memories. I read your words and it’s like I’m right back there. Tonight, I was at my “Devil’s den”.
    Then I was heartbroken back to the reality of what my hometown and so many others are struggling with today.
    Magical and tragic at the same time. Thank you.

  7. I have loved everything I have read so far. Last year I found and fell in love with Granny Witches. You definitely can whisk the mind off to another time and place and capture the real feelings of the here and now. I like your writing, the sense of history and family..traditions. It’s great. 🙂

  8. Awesome as usual! Your words leap from the pages, grab hold of the mind, and take you to another place and time. Never stop sharing, I like the trips you and Gran take me on.

  9. Great piece, Anna, as usual. What you see is what’s happening all over the Country, sad to say. We have left God out of the equation of running the country. Back when I was growing up in East Tennessee during the late 40s early 50s we had a Presbyterian church on one side of the street and a Methodist on the other. One church said “There ain’t no hell”‘ and the other said “The hell there ain’t’. If we could just bring back the “Devil’s Den” and the innocence you WILD kids had (Long after me) things would be a lot better for all of us. Thanks for the memories.

  10. I love your writing too. There are many places closing around here in New Jersey too. It’s sad and scary. ❤

  11. What a beautiful and bittersweet post. I so look forward to seeing your writings in my inbox! True, the things humans sometimes warn the young about are nothing compared to the real dangers. Glad you have the memories of a more innocent time…

  12. As a child of Haysi High School – graduate of the class of 1989 -I thank you. So many well spoken memories that sound just like mine. Thank you.

  13. I see some similarities in my own life. I am city-born , but attended a little college in a small town where rambling around on back roads was one of the principal forms of entertainment. What else? Some gathered for prayer and praise songs in the campus dining hall. Some went to a pasture a few miles north of the town square to drink beer and play country music on amped-up stereos. Pasture kids scoffed at the dining hall kids, and dining hall prayers went up for the pasture partiers, but we were not as different one from the other as each clique claimed.

  14. Describes the county that my relatives were pioneers in to a tee. And I think all over America and beyond. You might have even heard of my beloved Humboldt County. It used to be full of cattle ranches, loggers, and fishermen. Now it’s full of other things and it’s not good. I love these mountains so much it brings tears to my eyes. Please try and keep writing. Your words flow like a birds song.

  15. This is a great article!!!!! And it could be about many places….sad but true. Thank you for sharing this !!!!!!

  16. That made me laugh but then cry in the end. I feel you just described my hometown in KY and our “devil’s den “….. and the fall. It’s nice to know there are others that feel the same as I. Love your writing.

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