Wise Whispers from the Granny Witches

64 thoughts on “Wise Whispers from the Granny Witches”

  1. Enjoyed this story. Thank you for sharing. These traditions need to be shared with to ensure they continue. Someone mentioned the Foxfire books. Those are awesome resources. Peace and blessings to you and everyone who continues to use and learn these ways.

  2. I so enjoied this story. my mammy could talk off warts. Was telling someone about that. They clain in was devilment. I learned to stop bleedings long ago. Bible verices I used, taught by older north Georgia couple who I found out about in Foxfire books. my great granmother on my father’s side was said to be granny woman. I never knew her. so when I hear of these things I am very instreaded into learning what I can. In a way it’s like learning about the kinda life of my own granny. Are their still granny women around? Granny women who are instreaded in taking on like an apprentance so her craft doesn’t die
    thank I so much injoied

    1. We have green and Thomas in my family lines wondering if any kin lourany Thomas is great grandmother and Omer Shaw married into the green side she’s my grandfathers sister some of our family be from tenn

  3. I am glad I found your writings. My mother could talk warts off. So sorry she never passed her ability onto any of her four children.

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