Sittin’ Up with Granny Corn

35 thoughts on “Sittin’ Up with Granny Corn”

  1. Loved this story, and the rest of your stories. They remind me of my granny too. She was a character, but no match for granny corn!

  2. At first as I was reading I thought of the Ambrose Bierce story about sitting with the dead I think it might have been Watcher By The Dead, then I thought of another of his stories that dealt with a man who is buried in his back yard but isn’t dead and comes clawing into the basement. I enjoyed your story nearly as much as these and also as a happy ending Thelma and Louise likeness.

  3. Lovin’ the ending and served them right. I hope she stopped by and snatched up Mr. Davis and tossed his mints right good. [😉]


  4. Loved every word! I enjoy your stories so very much! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift that touches my soul

  5. I loved your metaphor of a bouquet of girls and I loved the surprise ending. I was a little put off that she (or so I thought at first) was dying at 67, as I’m not far from that myself. So I was delighted when I got to the end! It was interesting that Jim was both dearly loved and an ingrate and hard-boiled and I suppose that’s possible, but it seemed a little less than probable. Very fun story to read. Go Granny!

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