A Granny Witch’s Cookbook

56 thoughts on “A Granny Witch’s Cookbook”

  1. Wow.. amazing wrtiting is was almost like I was there in my Aunt Dean’s kitchen in Alabama with red roads and the vibrations from the mining. She wasn’t crafty or into apothecary knowledge but none the less times that were unforgettable and dear. Thank you for sharing that brilliant life journey.

  2. Your Granny left magic in your heart and you share it with us so eloquently. I can almost feel her beaming pride for your selfless gifts to the world with your lovely stories. Thank you for bringing memories of my Grannie back to me. She would say “ get busy child idle hands are the devils workshop”. The only time I remember her sitting was when she would round us up to sit around her rocking chair so she could read to us from her bible and she would always finish with her own profound words of wisdom. She was awesome. I miss her !

      1. Such a wonderful penned story!! It was so lovely to look into the mystery of someone’s special tale. With such wisdom in every word. It’s true that age brings wisdom and it would do this Earth good if the younger members of the planet listened! Thank you for sharing this tale….

  3. I enjoy very much reading about the old ways of the Appalachia’s .I grew up in the mountains of southwest Va and was raised by my grandmother ,she taught me about a lot of stuff medicinal herbs and healing and all which I have carried through my Adult life and shared with my own children. I enjoy being outdoors in the woods and gardening and cooking and brewing up herbs for natural healing it is something I completely enjoy. I look forward to more of your writings ,Have a Blessed Day ..

  4. Oh how I miss my grandmother after reading your words. She knew the sounds of the forest well and the plants for health or illness. Anyone visiting would be made well within hours after she heard their cough or felt their forehead. My greatest blessing from her was teaching me how to love. Please write a book and share with us your granny’s wisdom.

  5. Old family name England my Granny’s first name Susan Frances. She was a herbalist healer reader of tea leaves and coffee grounds. She was also a deer and I was blessed to have a pinch of her gifts. She was from Appalachia, I am so happy that you have chosen to share your stories so similar to ours!

  6. I love reading your stories, as they make me yearn for the mountains. I’ve never lived in the mountains, but I think my soul has at one time or another.

  7. Anna, you’re quite a talented writer and an insightful young lady. Continue the good work. Dennis

  8. I love this piece. It conjured many warm memories of my own Granny, and the tattered recipe collections—some written in her very own hand—that stand proudly with shiny new volumes, certain as nightfall I’ll never throw them away.

  9. I love your work. Let me know when you publish a book of short stories. I will be the first in line.Rose Sefton

  10. You make this heart smile from ventricle to ventricle! Thanks “She pointed her peace and pulled the trigger.” grateful sigh!

  11. You might try photographing each page of Granny’s book with a good camera. My husband did that for me when, I too could no longer read my Granny’s writing. Sometimes, that was all that was needed once the picture was viewed on a computer screen. Sometimes, he would adjust the brightness to enhance the words. These bits of paper where all that was left of the history of some family heirlooms. Plus Granny always had to add a bit of her commentary on its history! Priceless to me!


  13. You have a talent for writing. Please get down all the stories now, while your memory is still good. You’ll wish you had when you get old otherwise. I’d love to read more of your writing. Are you published?

  14. Your writing stirs my soul and ignites my imagination – or perhaps my buried memories? I treasure each new writing as if it were a gift wrapped in gold – thank you from my heart.

  15. I cried. This reminded me too much of my own Granny who’s been at rest for 6 years now; except when I try to make biscuits. Then I’m pretty sure she haunts my kitchen and cusses when they turn out flat and brown 😉

  16. Anna Wess, please write a book that I can hold in my hands and treasure as you do your Granny’s cookbook. Your writing tugs at my heartstrings.

  17. Thank you so very much for this wonderful story. I loved it! I am at the magical age of “thirty-nine”, and it reminds me of time spent with my grandmother.

  18. I was standing out on the deck just the other night listening to the frogs and creatures that walk thru my woods at night and being so very grateful to hear the earth come alive again this spring. These mountains call my name ! Your words are easy on the soul 🙂

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