While Atlanta was a Burnin’

21 thoughts on “While Atlanta was a Burnin’”

  1. Your stories always hit a nerve. Papaw was a coal miner in S.E. Kentucky. I now live in S.E. Tennessee. Your stories transport me right into them. You’re a great writer. Keep it up.

  2. Love your work. It has been a long time since something had captured my interest. I’ve been reading instead of crocheting and that’s saying something! From and still in south central Kentucky but I can remember whispers from great grandmothers to grandmothers about who could do what and being showed from the room if they caught me there. Keep your stories coming!

  3. I absolutely love all your stories and can relate to every word. I live in northern Va now but I’m from the Richland’s area, it’s almost like a visit home reading your stories. Love them! Thank you!

  4. I am as happy as a lark when I see you have a new story to tell, I love it! I have been completely transported back into time if only for a little while. More, More, More!

  5. I love your writing. I can actually picture myself there when I read your stories. That’s how talented you are. I dibble in short story telling related to my youth and my friends and family. However, you are so much more talented as I.

  6. Your blog is absolutely the best email notification I get. Really. I absolutely love your writing. The exquisite sense of place, the deep moods, the romantic realism of it all. Thank you.

  7. I love reading these stories they remind me so much of my grand parents the stories they told. I could never get enough THANK YOU. Moon shine both of my granddads ran it. Good money in it at the time.

  8. I find a simple comfort in your words and due to a vivid imagination I claim a step on granny’s porch, sip a taste of ‘shine and listen to the sweet sound of her banjo and her voice.

  9. I certainly enjoy your writing. You tell interesting stories that we should keep passing down to the younger generation.

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