Monsters Don’t Only Come Out at Night

30 thoughts on “Monsters Don’t Only Come Out at Night”

  1. Hi
    Your final line : And as not all witches are evil, not all monsters come out at night, will be the saying my children will remember. It will be in my Book for them to read and ponder on. Thank you from a kindred spirit.

  2. It’s like you stepped into my mind and took an excerpt of my life and write about it.
    It’s my life, my thoughts, and it’s beautiful in a twisted way. It made me who I am. And I thank my monsters… Without them I might have been the doll…

  3. Alas, some monsters don’t offer you a choice, but try to ply you with birthday cakes from a real bakery and a little gold ring for my hand. In return for your silence. Unfortunately, I didn’t think my mama and stepdaddy would believe my monster(s) were real. But that was then, and this is now. And God has seen fit to take all my monsters away by their middle age. Love your blog. Please finish your book.

  4. 🎹🎼🎤🌎

    On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 6:33 PM, Appalachian Ink wrote:

    > Anna posted: “Some of us were born with a sense of destiny, I believe, an > innate knowing that we were meant for more than this, that something out > there in the wild yonder awaits us and knows our names. I also perceive > that there are a few jagged stones placed in our p” >

  5. A friend shared this on FB today, and I am dazzled by such exquisite writing! I just read The Last of the Granny Witches, and I’m going to your site now to read more, but I just had to stop reading long enough to tell you how excited I am about finding your work and that I look forward to more. Thank you!

  6. You are an amazing writer. I just love everything you have written. Your writings always stir up memories of my great-grandma and a good friends grandma. They both were, in my mind anyway, granny witch es.

  7. A Powerful read. I love it. Speak it girl! We all know some real life monsters, and like your Uncle, they never seem to acknowledge their evil. ‘Let the crazy out’…amen.

  8. Oh my, Anna… You do truth-telling so, so well. Thank you for another journey into darkness and evil. I can always be confident that however dark it may become, you will not fail to vanquish it with the blinding light of truth before your tale is ended.

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