Memoirs of a Ghost Chaser

25 thoughts on “Memoirs of a Ghost Chaser”

  1. lovely and haunting. i also come from these haunting spots in the hills between Mountains. nice to have the ghost of the shadowy spots captured in your words.

  2. With roots in WV, I grew up in the shadow of Hoosier hills, close to the Knobs in southern Indiana. Your words take me back as I remember us looking for our own ghosts, late at night, flashlights aglow, as we dared to look at photos on tombstones. Back in the hills of Finley Township, we linked arms as we tried to be brave. The frozen ground crunching under our feet while the Moon peeked out from behind a cloud, illuminating the crazed look of the girls on the monuments. More than one group of fellow students had crossed paths with what we called the “Devil worshippers,” close to that same spot. Mission accomplished, we hightailed it out of there to the other side of the township, in search of the glowing tombstone.

  3. The folks who never grew up in the mountains will never believe us when we tell them about the “Hants”. Those of us who have seen and heard can only shake our heads at the ones who will never experience the magic we have come to know. I left the mountains longer ago than I would care to say, but, the mountains will never leave me. Every time I read your work I have to wipe away a tear or two in remembering what I have lost. Thank you for some very moving pieces.

  4. Just the whimsical writings I needed to refresh my Grandaughters view of my childhood.
    You see I have to tell her a story of my childhood before she will go to sleep.
    She loves my stories. So she says. I love my stories & my memories are all I have.
    That is the ONLY thing that people can’t take away from us.
    I’ve got 7 grandkids. I’m young Nana my 8 year Grandaughter lives with me most of the time. Her 6 yr old brother too.
    They are my reason along with my 4 four legged animals.
    I’ve been called a witch my whole life.
    My father & he’s preached how witchiry was against the Bible.
    I’ve seen things no one can explain. I’ve been places too. I’ve seen my fair share of ghost & earthly spirits.
    When family was murdered the mother & daughter their spirits circled the land the home where they were murdered. Not only myself but my love & a policeman & his wife we all saw the same. I can just see more & can talk to them. Anyway these stories are so wonderful my grandma from tazewell or jull ridge mountain came over on horse & buggy at 3 yrs old. To Logan county WV where she loved til she was 98 yrs old.
    Thank you so much.

  5. Just found you. In the process of reading your whole blog. I find your most interesting. My Mama was about to beat me the time I opened my umbrella in the house!

  6. All of your stories are so amazing. You are truly a great writer. i have done and felt lot of the things that you have. All of us have ghosts in our past. Some times I can feel them near me or in the wind.

  7. Anna, I found my way to your prose through a long time friend. I cannot thank her enough for facilitating my discovery of your marvelous work. I spent about 14 years living in the ‘Mountain State’ and the positive effects from that time yet linger in my heart. I’ve been working on several short pieces about the lovable ‘characters’ I met and came to love while there. Your writing pulls harmoniously at those strings welling ever so deeply within. Thank You.

  8. I enjoy the tales and memoirs so much. It reminds me of my sister and I looking for ghost while being scared silly!
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. If I should ever be able to write like you I would never stop. Oh the memories that come flooding back as I read your words.Thank you for the feeling of being at life’s edge and looking back.

  10. I live far away now from my home State of North Carolina – I miss our accents, our stories, and our ways…your posts are a refreshing shot of the things I miss that can’t be sent in a box. Thank you

  11. You do have a way of expressing truth, and with words that are authentically mountain in origin. This is another one of your tales that will require more than one reading to discover the layers of meaning. But I’ll have to leave it be for now while I try to catch my breath. Meanwhile, I’m off to plumb the depths of Rural Legend once again. Thanks for the memories that you never fail to awaken in me.

  12. Your words transport me. To an old porch, sharing a soda pretending to be rich. Kurt Cobain singing “Where did you sleep last night”, is a beautifully haunting song. I thought it high time I leave you a proper comment to say ‘I enjoy your words immensely.’ Thank you for writing.

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