The Last of the Granny Witches

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  1. I live in Webster County. I’ve just recently found out that I come from a long line of witches, which explained some of the gifts I possess. I’m looking for someone who can help me to become the type of witch I aspire to be. Can you help me?

  2. Born & raised in Louisville Kentucky but I have several friends with Appalachian roots-stumbled across this article looking up old pics of Louisville-intriguing read nonetheless it caught my interest now I want to hear more🙂

  3. I am a healer and herblist.I have been using the old ways for years.How nice to know there are others like me and some of the women in my family.

    1. I don’t know what or who I really am. I feel my sixth sense intensely and it makes my stomach ache like a horrible hunger that never leaves. I have deep family roots in Kentucky. I was born and raised in Maryland and have never felt peace. I just want to know what to do next. I feel things within me that are not evil but of another natural power. Please help me. I have generations of family in Kentucky and I feel lost. Thank you

      1. Go home, child, go home. Talk to your grannies if they are still with us, or your aunties, and any of your cousins who can tell you their stories. Sometimes you may find a male relative or two; they are easier to spot when they’re fairly young.
        Have faith, good luck, Blessed Be.

    2. Falicia, Me too Dear Sister. We are still scattered here and there using the energies and gifts of Mother Earth.
      In love and light Dana

  4. Its always wonderful to hear others, know others are moving about their business. Different practices, view points. We will be here till the end of time, Shepherds of those unaware, who we will protect when the time arrives.
    While we may be feared, remain in shadows, this is not a discouragement to us Witches. We know our power, our place and expect no reward. Our hearts guide us, our magick rides in our very souls. We take no money, expect no return for what we do. We do it, what ever the need, through love of the world and those who walk upon it.

    Blessed Be to all who walk the Ancient path

    1. How nice it is to know there are others out there.I know some things are wierd and i have just learned to go with it.

  5. ” Im sorry but this kinda of thing is making me mad.
    Ain’t nobody in the years past would ever say they were witches. Not a one.
    Others might have called them that if they didnt like them.
    But otherwise you was “blessed by God”, or it was simply hushed.

    No mountain hoodoo, no granny witches, or granny women, no appalachian witchcraft or conjure. No none of that.
    Its the second article I’ve seen about it and it just isn’t traditional, but trying to guise itself as traditional. Not at all.
    Some of the information here and there is good but some of it isn’t. Again our menfolk are just as important in their works as anybody else.
    Also we are not just Celts and Cherokee/Tsalgi.
    We got mixed blood running in our veins.
    Dutch folk, the scots-irish yes, the english, the spanish, the italians (and others).

    And yes the Native blood, but not everybody is of the Tsalgi lines in Appalachia. We also got some of those African lines running up through. Things people dont want to talk about, but its there none the less.
    Ain’t no shame in being a mixed blood. Its what Appalachia is built off of. Its not all Celt, and thats okay.

    What I do agree with is this. Don’t let it all die out. Somethings may be good to let go yes. But not everything needs to.

    If you know the herbs and the old cures long before we had doctors to even go to. If you plant by the signs, or watch for the mini winters like dogwood and whippoorwill in the spring, got a particular way with animals, know how to blood stop, or cure warts. Dont let it die.
    Not all the future generations are uninterested.
    Not all with disrespect what you know.

    Alright Im off my soap box for the evening.”

    All above by Arielle Short

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