The Last of the Granny Witches

473 thoughts on “The Last of the Granny Witches”

  1. We are a traveling family-living on the road to show our children a better way of living and connectedness. My husband and I both have background in indigenous shamanism. My daughter has healing and intuitive powers and my youngest son sees spirit. No roots to the Appalachian culture however for myself, a deep drive to connect with it. Anyone have insight or guidance on where that could open up for us? Love to learn and give in return💚

  2. Hi. I’ve been doing some family research, and want to learn more about the craft in the Appalachia. An ancestor of mine was mentored by a woman named Sarah Pickle. Does anyone here know more about her?

    1. I don’t know that name. I’m in the western tip of north carolina. I’m not doing research on family, as we are all accounted for. I am however interested in talking with others about about Appalachian folk practices, or as we call them, “root women/men”

  3. I have some sort of gift. I have dreams and they come true. I dreamed about the World Trade Center tragedy 3 days before it happened. I also dreamed about tornados while in Missouri and they happened that weekend. I would like to develop this gift but not sure how. I would love to be able to help people with this gift.

    1. To dream true is a great gift, if sometimes a heavy burden. Honor it by keeping a dream journal and it will grow stronger yet.

      Did you know that you can affect your waking world by re-entering dreams and mastering any imageof fear you find there? It is true — I’ve done it. Our minds are wonderous and the only working tool a magical person really needs.

  4. My grandparents on my mother’s side both come from the mountains of WV and so do many generations before them . They are also German and Cherokee I have always known about different women in my family in every generation having gifts even my mother. I my self can feel other people’s emotions or traumatic experiences they have had. I don’t quite understand my gift yet. When I read this article it was almost like the feeling of coming home.Thank you for this.And if anyone has any insight for me I would appreciate it.

  5. I once knew of a family that were very afraid of their grandmother. She could cast spells and claimed to have killed several people with her dolls and magic potions. However, they did not believe in God. I remember going to their house and she was in a fit of rage at the death of her son. She picked up a Bible and threw it into the yard cursing God all the while. She was someone to be fearful of.

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