The Last of the Granny Witches

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  1. There is something about the 7th son of the 7th son, we had an Uncle that could cure warts, and I have had dreams and days that it would come true. We are God fearing and loving people, that have roots in Celtic back ground.

    1. It’s in the blood and comes down from many, many generations . I grew up in the Smoky Mountains . My brother and I both have the gift. It’s sometimes disturbing , but you have to come to terms with it. Just pray the Word out loud , sing a hymn and speak with authority .

  2. Argent Melissa Lewis Venable 1880-1958
    My Great Grandmother and Namesake. Oh she was a Granny Witch known far and wide in her area of the Appalachia Mountain’s in East Tennessee. A devout Christian she didn’t much like having all these abilities, seeing the future, Spirits, demons and such. She could heal the sick. Much of these abilities still run through the blood of my Mother and my Sisters and I, though I have never healed someone except through the power of prayer and God’s Will being done. We are the Daughters of Scot-Irish.

  3. This makes too much sense to me. I did not grow up in Appalachia but my entire family is from that area. My family moved away before I was born. All my life I have just *known* things that I could never explain. I’ve freaked out friends numerous times by somehow knowing something was going to happen, knowing someone’s true nature when they had fooled everyone else or other odd things. Mostly I do stuff when I’m not really thinking about it, like the time my friend was looking for a phone number she had written down on a piece of paper. We were supposed to go somewhere but she needed that piece of paper before we could leave. I was in a hurry so without thinking about it (literally, to this day I don’t know how I did this), I said “fine” and reached over to a desk that was sitting nearby and opened one of the drawers randomly and blindly stuck my hand in and grabbed a piece of paper and said “here” and handed it to her. It was the piece of paper with the phone number she had been looking for, for over an hour. I also have a weird thing about not looking into mirrors in the dark. I never could explain that one. But I had suspected I had inherited from one of my Mammaws. She always seemed to have the same sort of way of just knowing and doing things.

  4. hello, this put a smile that was from deep within my soul on my face as I read these words….the picture at the top could have been my Mama….she grew up in a shack just like that one…my maternal g-grandmother was a mountain witch, and would put spells on folk as she liked; she put one on my aunt and caused her not to be able to walk for some time when she was 4 or 5 yrs. old. then all of a sudden she took the charm off her and she could walk again after this…..then, my grandpa on my Daddy’s side was a diviner…he showed me how to divine, and just what trees to get the wand from….my grandpa on my Mama’s side could take away warts, and was supposed to pass the charms on to his youngest daughter, but he died and she was not around….the charms were lost forever…..I am a nurse, and many in my family are in the medical field. but I still wish I could have gathered up the old charms and healing remedies before they had been lost….now they are gone forever….
    my family has Cherokee and Seneca Indian blood, and some Eastern Sioux… there is also Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and English lines on both side of my family….Celtic blood runs strong!!!

    1. Were celtic, scottirish, as well as blackfoot Indian which was once members of the Cherokee nation in blackfoot hills of south Dakota. They were ran off for brutality cutting ears off enemies and making charms. I have these dreams always about death and whrn i was a career criminal i always knew when the police were close to me. I never was caught for anything until i was charged for felony assault on the 3rd shift police dept. I know how im gonna be harmed just not when and sometimes the dreams must be annalized to make sense and dont take drugs it dulls the quality of your gifts my grandmother was a granny witch. We are eastern ky Scott irish americans

  5. 74 yrs old , many dreams that come true . Once of a plane crash that was so vivid with color & wind & heat dead bodies everywhere . This was so frightening I told my daughter in law .within a few days this actually happened & she called me &was almost unable to talk . I replied I know my dream ! I had no idea why I told her there would be another one but this one would not have any deaths & it would be outside the paremiter of the airbase. Then this happen next day but it was a fighter plane & the pilots ejected but the plane was destroyed.This is a true story .

  6. I have many dreams that come to pass . I have strong linage to North Eastern KY as well as North Carolina. My Granny would dig roots for medical uses . These dreams are scary to me cause me to worry @ times .I do have Indian herritage in me but it is far back in my linage also strong Irish. These are real experiences but often people think you are crazy . I am. 75 yrs old now .

    1. I’m over 60. It was good to see another my age! who lives with mystery of gifts . I have kids n 2grands that have vision gifts: able to see/read people Right off,3yr old can’t hold her tounge yet so her stories scare ppl or she gets in trouble for ‘making up’tales. It’s challenging. Am trying to coach her into ‘just tell nanny your dream story’ …she’s a powerful personality and hadn’t been wrong about when she INSISTS about changes or what she knows

  7. What the world needs now as these ways of passin down have faded and spread thin… is a good amount of flames like these of these women re-igniting new flames. If ye are the last of your kind you have to share specific secrets. This is a wonderful platform here along with this article as an intro to share with some of us specific plants that you remember harvesting and how you came to know them… what you reached for and such ways on preparing and warnings. Appreciate the wonderous words of a heartfelt an’ true time and way… may this live on still.

    A. Rae
    aka MotheringMamaTM, of Virginia

    1. I am the grand daughter of a granny witch. Now I’m 65 all my life I have been seeing things before they happen. My grandmother helped the sick, but she also dabbled in the art of black magic. If I practice black magic, it takes a lot out of me. I feel like I have been sick for several days.

    2. I love your reply to these beautiful women!! What a great platform to share this knowledge before it is simply gone. I, for one, want to continue in this way. I live in the mtns of NE Ga and would welcome any lessons that any of these special women want to share.

  8. I have dreams of things that come true or they mean something is happened. I dreamed of my only nephew October 25,2017. I found out from my oldest niece the next morning that he had been beat up so bad on the 25th that he was dying in the ICU. He was in my dream standing there with a big beautiful smile looking at me. I believe that was his way of saying goodbye to me cause I’m in the mountains of Virginia and he was in Arkansas up next to the Missouri state line. They took him off of life support October 26,2017

  9. I’ve always had “feelings” about people. Good feeling, bad feeling. Took me forever to actually listen to… idk my gut instincts? about it, but now that I do, I’m about 99% right about people. I’m also Scottish & Cherokee.
    Seeing this article a few days ago, I guess opened my eyes a bit. Since then, I feel like I’m crazy for saying/thinking this, but I’ve been seeing…. I don’t know what they are, ghosts? Spirits? Shadow people/creatures? I don’t know, but I saw a black cat jump down & run past me in my house the other day (we used to have a black cat named Ryder, he passed away back in June), when we currently don’t have a black cat or any cats in the house for that matter. Just driving home I saw a blackish colored dog in the road that wasn’t there when I got closer. I keep seeing these shadowed human figures go by & out of the corner of my eye (truthfully have always seen that, but it’s more frequent now). Now I’m kinda getting freaked out & don’t have anyone to really talk about it with.

    1. Also I’ve dreamed of stuff that’s happened in the future, then relive them, I guess deja vu? It’s weird & used to scare me as a kid, now I try to change whatever it is so it don’t come completely true

      1. @jacobh
        I know better than to use Ouija board. That’s stuff that I don’t wanna get mixed into. You may think I’m crazy, but I sure as heck ain’t stupid. If you wanna get into bad spirits, then be my guest, but I’m good

      2. I have had many circumstances when I realize that everything that is happening and people are saying is something I have already lived. I also experience some odd vertigo and gut feeling something is very bad happening.

      1. EXACTLY if you’ve ever really seen a ghost or something either get a ouija board or something to prove it or you should go lay down bc you’re probably having illusions or you’re just waiting to see it and spread rumors. It seems a little far but its true.

      2. You are so right the Holy Ghost angels and demons and it’s nothing to play around with . I live for the Lord and I trust in him to take care of me and my family . I believe he created herbs for our health but we need to know what and how to use what he provided. But it’s not witchcraft.

    2. I see things, my house vibrates, I was in a nursing home for rehabilitation when I had a knee replacement and my bed bounced up and down 2 different times when someone passed away there. I dream things then they happen. The dreams scare me.

    3. I read your passages I also am From Scottish and Cherokee. I’ll think I’ll see a shape of someone by the road when I driving but when I get to it there’s no one there. Or a shadow in the night. My dad passed in 1981. 25 years later he came to me in a dream. Told me to check on my mom before I went to work in the morning, ( I seen her everyday except for that s day), when I went in she was moaning. She was so ill had pneumonia.

    4. Had that all my life….its a gift from God, you can see the spiritual world…and sometimes its frightening…and you I’m sure can dream of things to come…I’m Scottish and Irish…with a couple of other things, but mostly Irish and Scots…knowing things or seeing God’s way of helping you to warn folks…or yourself. I know that at times it is unnerving but just ask Jesus’s to send his angels…they will leave…as God’s Warriors run them away to give you peace…Bet you also have the gift of healing…and work in a healing field…medicine..or chaplain…

      1. You know I can be driving too fast as we all do from time to time. Something will say. The state police is down ther. I’ll slow down and there they are. I’ll laugh to myself. But this never fails. It’s helped me in my profession. I’m a nurse. I can see things quickly. I would love to talk more about this. I give all my worries to my Lord

      2. Sharon you are absolutely right. I’ve been given these gifts. I have seen spirits all my life, I was given the knowledge of herbal medicine without any training( although I am certified now), and the women in my immediate family are clairvoyant. Don’t be afraid. Spirits can not hurt you, shadows can’t hurt you. Relax and give thanks for the gifts you are given. If you feel uncomfortable with them, give your thanks and ask for them to be taken away.

      1. I also have these gifts passed down from grandmother’s to daughter’s and so on. I am a nurse from Middle Tn across the dollar from Ky. I’ve always been so proud of my Scots Irish and Welsh heritage. My paternal great gram was half Cherokee. She was a powerful Grannie Woman or Mountain Witch. She I need all the plants from the woods, made medicines and medicine bags to ward off evil spirits. She only used her power for good, this is what was passed down thru my family! There are still mountain witches in remote mountain areas. Of My and Tn.

    5. I do the same thing. People walk past me that I don’t know and have never seen before. Being a friendly person, I like to catch a glance from anyone and return it with a smile. However sometimes those people don’t have human faces. Scarey and very unsettling. Have dreams about being in a car crash,so I don’t take that trip. My mom and I had a shopping out of town date scheduled but we both dreamt we wrecked and I was killed. We stayed home.

    6. I too had a lot of ‘out of the corner of my eye’s things happening years ago. I’m Scot Irish English and Swede. It was to the point I would only fall asleep 9n my knees praying. My parents and grand parents were dead. But I cried out for my mother in fear on night. My mom and gramma were suddenly beside me. Mom standing to the side and slightly behind gramma. There were talking about if it was time to tell me… I knew they had a b
      ‘knowledge’ and to a lesser degree me. My was saying I knew enough to know and grandma wasn’t sure, apparently she still thought of as 13 when she died. They both turned to me. Gramma started talking telling me my knowing things and the occasional dreams were a gift. I could ‘let the devil have my soul or you can dedicate it all to the Lord all the good all the bad’ she told me to listen to what I knew and could not see. I did. The next time I saw something I picked my Scriptures walked over it well where it had been. I told it I gave it and everything with it to the Lord. I’ve never see it since.

  10. I believe granny witches are still here and active. My sister and I are granddaughter of granny witches and we do practice when there is a need. Our great grandmother was the local herb doctor for many in our south central KY community. Our Welch ancestors are easily traced back.

      1. Your crazy Jacob why are you even here with no good intent ..i feel sorry for you ..and your lost soul you have no clue just another person to be herd like cattle u are with nothing better to do than comment on a subject that is none of you business! Be gone!

      2. Hahaha! The amount of dreams I’ve had come true, speak something and it happens, talk of a person and they call, message, walk in… Poor lad, you are so closed off you will most likely never enjoy any of the gifts we ALL have. I will, though. I’m trying harder to. Think about it, you have intuition. Why?

      3. Do not criticisize anyone else if you have not experienced the same things because it is real 😞

      4. Lol. I don’t deny being crazy. But the broke clock is right at least 2x a day. And my track record is much higher

  11. I am so glad to find out that I am not grandmother and my mother always knew when something bad was going to happen.and I have the same feelings.I all so have lots of dreams.I dream about dead people all the time,does anyone know what’s that about?my family comes from the hills ofKy. and we do have native blood in us on my great,great grandmothers side..thank you.

      1. To some Warlock is profane, meaning Oathbreaker and an insult. Divy short for Diviner is the name used for males who can witch for water or plant their toes in the Earth and know what will grow are sometimes called. I’m sure there are other names as well.

      2. I never label myself. I am just me. I sometimes see, feel, dream, and smell things that trigger intuitive thoughts. I dabble with tarot from time to time. My 9th great grandmother was Elisabeth Knapp aka the Groton Witch. I suspect it may be something kindled in the blood/genetic.

  12. I found this very interesting im a child of eastern ky n my great grandmother was cherekee ive always felt something special in me i would know things befor they happened or dreams that come true n a special way with animals hurt animals seem to find their way to me my sons call me an animal whisper

    1. my ancestors came from ireland settled in KY. ,i was born in paintsville ,most of the women even today in our family are blessed but not many talk about it

  13. I am following this with great interest. Several people I know have gifts, but we live in Canada with no connection to WV or places in the mountains.

    1. But did you come from Scotland or Ireland or Wales or England by way of Gaspse or Nova Scotia when the ships captains were refusing to land south of New Amsterdam? If so…you are of that Druid blood.

    2. My family the Swede and English settled in upper michigan. The Scott and trash settled in Colorado. Fortunatly the navy putmom and dad together

  14. My gifts came from my mawmaw and as spent a little time not as much as I wanted to with her not enough for her to really teach me how to use my gifts so I’ve had to learn on my own and sometimes was hard but I feel blessed to have been given a wanderfull husband who has helped me hone my abilities and wished that my mawmaw was still around to teach me more so I thank yall for letting me knw I’m not the only one that sometimes feel alone

      1. I don’t really think that is true because I have dreams to and not one has came true except for when I make them come true.

  15. I am also glad to know I’m not alone, townspeople in deep West Virginia were so afraid of my great grandmother that they marked her grave as a witch after she passed. I have always felt crazy and honestly suppressed every natural ability that I could but the dreams of the future still happen. I tend to dream of the next little life that will grace my family with their presence, and I lose hair in the color length and texture of the next family member to die about a week or two before it happens. I wish I could learn more but don’t know where to turn to my father isolated us from extended family.

    1. You are not alone!
      I see future things at times. It scares me. From the mountains of Ky . I am
      Cherokee and Celt as well. I am Empath as well. I feel people’s intent good and bad. It’s hard at times.
      I am a healer. Just know your purpose. Stay positive and good!

      1. This is awesome. My grandmother raised me. She was a mountain woman out of WV. She read tea cups an coffe cups. She removed warts healed wounds. I almost died after being in 3 hospitals. Doc told her they did all they could do and I was in Gods hands. Long story short I lived. Later in years step mom told me granny hung eggs out on back porch for me to heal. When i asked my grandmother she said to me “you are here arent you” i laughed and said yes. She was a healer. Sister and a brother of hers did the same. Before she passed away she showed me and told me of all these things and how I do this. Said she was giving me what i needed. Cheerokie on both sides. All family from mountains of WV and KY. I am a mountain woman. I like all of you here have the gifts of healing. I know something is about to happen. I dreamed of a little girl once and the love I had for that child ummm. Told about the dream. My son and his wife had a reveal of what the child would be I told them its a girl. Today I love this baby girl so much. A womans heart was healed while i was praying over a man. I am very spiritual loving kind with abilities that some do not understand. But I do. So awesome to find this today it was meant to be. Do you ever have gatherings to meet. I would certainly come. Just awesome.

      2. Curious about this background as well as an Empath. My empath side has gotten much stronger the older I have gotten and I’m more in touch with that gift than what I have from my Cherokee grandmother. There have been several times that I know things or feel things but I usually attribute that to the Empath in me. How did you learn to differentiate?

      3. Yolanda, my grandfather had the ability to remove warts. He would buy them. They would go away from theperson n come up on him in the spot they had been on the other person. My great grandmother on the other family side could blow in a child’s mouth and cure thrush. They said people use to bring their babies from miles around. My mom always knew when someone was going to die. She didn’t usually know who, just that someone we knew.

    2. Do your best to find out your roots and ancestry. It will help you understand yourself better. Dont let anyone tell you that you are crazy or weird. I pray you find a person to help you!!

    1. This explains so much! Why I just know ancient things about which I’ve never read. Why spirits find, but never harm, me. Why I get inundated by the thoughts of others. Why my dreams are so vivid. Why I feel so connected to nature as a whole, and have a particular fondness for oak trees. Thank you.

    2. These are very special gifts given to special chosen people’s to carry on! It is my duty to pass what I know to my daughter’s and granddaughters. It is our part of our ancient Celtic heritage. It is a gift and a blessing. We were taught it was a privilege to possess these gifts. I work in nicu I use my gifts almost daily. I feel like a very old soul, al at a have. Our teams started teaching us soon as we could follow them thru the woods! I feel so blessed!

  16. ‘Dream experiences’, I call them, when that life in the night, in other realms, with beings, all people…souls…, showing me what they want me to know, what they need to express to someone. Then coming out of the night, morning is there and so many demands by others in the here and now, not understanding, rather not knowing, I’ve been busy all those previous hours, in places where time is not counted on clocks, with strangers (mostly) engaging me. I used to see this nightlife as a curse. Not any longer. So many stratas of experiences for us all. Thank you for this amazing blog with all your sharing.

    1. I couldn’t find exactly were to reply but I hope this works. I didn’t really know my moms side but she said my grandmother had something and it sounds exactly like this. And her too. I have tried to talk to people about my own experiences but no one seems to care or believe or understand. Many times a person who I don’t know well will come into my head in a flash and I Wil learn later they have had some event. Many times someone close to them has died. It’s odd how many times. And the dejavu and dreams come true. After 40 years I can just call it coincidence. I don’t want to lose it and want to help people if I coukd. I kniw somethin great is inside and I know enough that it is beyond and behind me. And it comes from all around. My wife is too pragmatic, and I can’t talk to her. Sonetines it makes me feel crazy. Thanks for all the comments-you are all wonderful folks 🙂

      1. Mr Pennsylvania I understand these experiences you’ve had with clairvoyance as I’ve had the same from early childhood in dreams and at other times I’d just see it happen and then it would. If you’d like to talk more about it you can contact me.

  17. A few years ago I began seeing ‘the way I am’, as Lori expressed… not as a curse but as a worthy power. Now I’m well connected to my ancients

    1. Barbara, who are our ancients? Many of us have been estranged, we are awakening and literally being called back to West(by God)Virginia… -shelly

      1. My Great Grandmother , was from West Virginia , she healed me from asthma when I was a child , I believe she was a Granny witch miss her every day , I see spirits & believe my gifts r getting stronger every day wish she was here to guide & teach me

    2. How did you connect to your ancestors? I’ve been driving myself insane trying to figure out why I’m being called to the mountains… I know my ancestry runs from MO Ozarks back to KY, VA, etc, and there’s indian blood (blackfoot, from what I’ve been told), Scot and English, but I don’t know much more. I’m downright homesick for the mountains, know that my grandma and momma had abilities, have always just ‘known’ we were all kitchen-witches, and I want sooo bad to get acquainted with my ancients. Please tell me your experiences with this, and how you’ve gotten to know them. Thank you )0(

      1. 23 and Me
        Send in the kit
        I did. My mother was adopted and now I know I am Scottish on my Moms side Irish on my Dads.
        I grew up in Asheville and I can communicate with spirits.
        Not by chanting or calling them… they just stop by and visit out of the blue.
        Haven’t had a visitor in a long time, but that okay as They are always newly passed friends or family.
        It’s nothing I talk about… it’s just something that has happened since I was a child.

  18. I am a peach, though.
    Pa’s folk were mountain folk and I spent every holiday there and it felt like home as I huffed and puffed up hills much steeper than the dunes of the coastal lowlands of my birth.
    I love them, and they are home just as much as the sandy swamps of lowlands. I have been blessed to be loved by many homes.
    The Celtic Shamanism and the Druidry feel close to right but not quite.
    Perhaps this will. Time will tell.
    I feel blessed to have found your words, either way. I thank you for them.

  19. Now I know why my Granny said I was special and believe in what I feel!! I feel so much better finding this site that there are others and I now know why I always feel like the mountains are calling me back to them. I thought my gifts were a curse but now I know they are a blessing! Both sides of my family were from WV. Try having it from both sides! I was taught how to call weather! I guess I am truly blessed!

    1. Yes we are all blesed ! I try to always pass th ese positive vibes along to people I feel need encouraging! My greeting now whether coming in or going out is He Blessed! I hope my grannies is smiling and proud!

  20. I am so glad I found this. I can relate to parts of it. I was raised in the Smokey Mountains between North Carolina and Tennessee . I was delivered by a midwife up in the fifteenth in Delrio. As far back as I can remember I have heard the stories about my grandfather on my mothers side seeing spirits and my grandmother healing people. My aunt taught me how to make medicines and where to find the roots,bark or berries i needed to use. My grandfather on my dads side saw visions he was a very religious man , anyway this I remember vividly. About a week before my grandfather died he my father and my uncle were talking and he said he needed them to pray with him. I saw them go into the bedroom and light a candle before they closed the door. I don’t know what they said or did but my grandfather saw his grave instead of his reflection in a mirror( I found out years later). My father and uncle came out of that room pale as ghosts and refused to say what they saw.
    My mother always knew when something bad was going to happen with family . Three of us children had the same gut feelings that she did. A few times she would call me late at night and I would pick up on the first ring because I was wide awake and looking at the phone . I shared that with one brother that has past and now one sister. I can always tell before I talk to her if its a death in the family I don’t know why. I have an older brother that I am not as close with but he can stop blood and cure the thrash I have seen him do it.
    I never really thought about it being different when I was growing up I thought it was normal and just something everyone did . I learned different when i was in about the 5th grade when people started talking about witches in school. I never told anyone about these things but sense I have gotten older I realize that its not something i need to hide its part of me , it always has been . It’s hard to talk about this stuff because where i come from people don’t accept others to well especially if they are different I suppose that’s why i left and will never move back.
    Thank you for writing what you did.

    1. I am from bethel a little community near Waynesville NC Haywood county on the border of TN. I have some of the same gifts. I have always felt alone. I was raised my grandparents who don’t believe and I had the thrush a few weeks ago. I tried so hard to find a healer. Would love to talk if you want.

      1. Look into oil pulling. Coconut oil works the best. Also eat 4-5 small garlic cloves until healed. Plain yogurt will reduce the infection and promote faster healing. These are old home remedies. I’m not a healer, I’m a seer. I also get visits from dead people.
        I’m just over Balsam from you 😉

      2. I loved in Bethel for about 10 years. I found out after I moved home to take care of my mom my great grandmother’s family was from NC. Maybe that’s why as soon as i moved there it felt like home. My great grandmother was Native American and came to me the night she passed and said I had all her gifts….just no one around to help me with them. But dreams and feelings I listen to!

  21. Hello, I just found this site tonight. I am currently learning about my ancestry. I dream every night and remember my dreams. Sometimes I am so involved, I wake up with the emotion of the dream I’ve been in. I also have a unique sense of smell at times. Mostly pleasant and was told that when I have these smells, Jesus is near. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Keep a dream journal. Google! Lots of info out there on dreaming, interpretations and so on. Keep a dream journal. Meditate.

  22. Marvellous article but it was the comments that made me hope for the future of the wise women and bizarrely, it is the internet! Divide and conquer have always been the oppression tactic of choice and it worked well on the witches until now. With the net, they can’t do that and I love that women are able to connect and share their stories/herstories again. Whether gifted or not we can all revel in them so thank you all! ❤

    1. And…wise men. There has always been male witches, and they should be acknowledged equally alongside the women. Have a good evening.

  23. Good day All. I am a Seer from the Hills of Tennessee. My family feared for me, being in the Bible belt and hid my gifts and shamed me into silence as a child. Check out and my Little Patch of Heaven. Blessings and deepest respect to you, my sisters and brothers…

  24. If anyone has any info on our history please let me know , I havent been able to track anything down I do have Native in me as well… this might sink back to the blood line , but I tend to pull towards the Netherlands and green , and warrior , … so any info on our History let me know , its a Mysterious blend..:)

  25. I wondered what I was all this time , although knew a Seer… but .. me and my mom and sisters were are the same. My Mamaw was the same … its a blessing and curse, but I fall within the boundaries of Spiritual linage of the God realm I walk within the old ways and know the old things, but am a earth woman and wear this one Proud..:)

    1. SoTrue, my granny was a healer and my aunt.You came feel it in blood & in your soul.Most people don’t know what you are.But wants your help .Have a bless day.

  26. I’ve spent a lifetime growing up listening to stories of my ancestors journeys. NO ONE from my grandparents generation or older would ever admit to having gifts of any type. my parents both denied any gifts they had from confusion and fear. I on the other hand EMBRASSED MINE.
    My children were taught to believe in the impossible, that it’s ok to have gifts, abilities AND believe in GOD ALMIGHTY.
    I know my ancestry consists of Cherokee, Blackfoot, Osage indian, Irish that traces back to Scotland and German blood. Since I can’t trace any power or gifts I’ve come to the belief that it’s was covered up to protect themselves. (my great-grandfather’s sister admitted they were not allowed to claim Cherokee blood because their grandparents successfully fled the trail of tears at the boothill of Missouri. So I believe the ability was denied as well)
    I have very STRONG gifts and abilities that I’m just NOW learning to understand. my children also have them.
    the confusion I’ve lived with my entire life has finally brought me to an inner peace I can’t put into words.
    I appreciate all the articles and comments that has helped me to understand I have NEVER been alone in this quest of knowledge.

      1. I’ve been working on my ancestry. My Gran that I’m tracing I Hester Ann Brewer. She was born around 1800. Her father was Lanier Brewer, Jr. and her mother was Narcises (aka Rebecca) and was Cherokee. She had a brother, George. I’m trying to track down her father. I believe it was Oconostota Stalking Turkey. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I live how you said and believe in God. That I think is what scared my family about me. They were so religious. I know who I am and what I am and that God loves me. Thanks for how you said that.

  27. Reblogged this on Shamanic Wise Woman and commented:
    As a daughter of ancient wisdom, sharing and passing along to the next generation courses through my veins too. Although it is passed through the generation of my siblings blood. Tales are told, and secrets unfold. The loss is theirs if they do not listen to preserve the “herstory”, generations to come. Sidonia Nightsky~

  28. Thank you for this article. I read and shared it for the first time shortly after my Granny passed. My Granny was born on the 7th day of the month in Kings Mountain. The descendant of the daughter of a feared Cherokee Warrior chief she was referred to in history with the word Princess attached to her name. The Chief’s daughter or Princess married a white Celt, who is mentioned in many a historical record but not without notation of his nickname of Big listed in front of his name. Through this union and others sprung those who by God’s great design came to give my Granny all that she pocessed. Or as she referred to it, A touch of the power. As I said she was born on the 7th day of the month which only added to the 7’s she could claim. Her mother was by law and on paper her parents 7th child. Stories retold question many things when a man is known to wander for years and return with home with a son much older than the time he’d been abscent. Family photos show more happy children than listed even before my great grandmother’s birth. Questions unanswered as to whether or not she was actually her mother’s child still survive passed down in the stories we tell. Her father claimed to her through whispers all her life that she was his 7th daughter. She was special. So it must have been by design that another man’s 7th son ended up one day on a horse he couldn’t control that took down the drying laundry she’d hung. She was mad about the laundry but she married him. Many years and hardships had passed and many children born before my Granny came on a cold 7th day into this world as the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter and a 7th son. My Papaw was long gone when my calculations on led me to the fact that she’d married her 7th cousin. I’m not surprised she replied when I told her. She’d known they had kin in common though my Mummy her mother in law had refused to acknowledge or speak of the connection. She saved pictures though that attest to her knowledge and pride of her and her only son being kin to that common last name to which both my grandparents sprung from. I write this for my Granny because she wasn’t one to brag. I’d say most who met her never knew these things about her nor was I even allowed to question them without her silently questioning back. But she knew and there were others she told too about what she knew about me. So I write out the facts and the mysteries and questions. I remember those who took uncomfortable answers to their graves. I write for my Grat-Great grandfather who went to war for a stolen country while his countrymen and family shunned him for leaving the corner of the land they had left that the government had designated for them. I write for my Great Grandmother’s maiden name Wright which she claimed rightly belonged to her and her kin who were first in flight. She only had two boys Orville was a family name she passed on. I write for my aforementioned grandmother or the Princess. It’s obvious that Princess wasn’t a term used by the natives but if you want Google to find her you better add Princess or know her given, Christian, and married, names. I write for her father the Warrior Chief who was taken in hand by George Washington. I write for what I see as mercy that his life was taken when it was. One of the men who murdered him was next in line to him and rose with his death to the position that gave him, with only pen in hand, the power to send many Cherokee to their death on The Trail of Tears. I write for the rage, anger, frustration, and confusion that this Chief must have been propelled by to commit atrocities against anyone from the whites to his wives. I write because I’m proud to have learned lessons from these people I never met. I write because that’s what we do. We pass on the stories written down or told in hushed tones. We tell of those in the past who were by design making the design of ourselves possible. It’s who some of us are and it’s what we do. That’s part of the magic, the storytelling. Not everyone could finish Granny’s stories word for word leaving her without anything to add. But I could and am proud of those I sprung from. Since my horoscope suggested that the 7th day of this month could be an egotistical time for me I write now my description. I was born in the 7th month of a year that is a numerological 7 as the 3rd granddaughter of the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter and a 7th son. My father is also III and I was born 5 years to the day my Great Grandmother the illeged 7th child to her parents and 7th daughter to her father past away. My Great-Grandmother and her sister also passed on the same day but 5 years apart. I was born at a complete # of minutes after 7 and I’m sure her spirit had left her by that time or else I wouldn’t have inherited it. I’ve been told she had A touch of the power too.

    1. This is very fascinating. My 5th Great Grandmother shares a similar story. It would be interesting to see if we are talking about the same person.

      1. My account is no longer active but they had tons of info on my native side of the family that is uploaded. If you sign up for a trial you can do that research fairly quickly.

    2. Hi my mother was a 7th child and she had gifts, my dad was born on the 7th I think I have gifts just wish I knew how to work on them and develop them more. My mom could draw out fire if someone got burned she could draw out the pain with her breath. My daughter also has gifts as well. I’d like to talk to people of like mined that don’t think I’m crazy. I was born in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains and have lived here most of my life. If you want to talk or maybe help me work out my understanding of my gifts, how do we connect?

      1. When I was a child I was burnt by an exhaust pipe. A friend of our said he had the power to draw out pain with his breath. He said something under his breath and blew on the burn and the pain went away!!!

  29. What a great read! My parents and their parents- came from deep in the Mountains and hollers of eastern Kentucky. My great grandmother was reported to be a “Seer” as was my Grandmother, and as am I. My mother has never manifested any abilities to read or see visions nor have my sisters but they do believe that our family has these abilities.
    I have had people come to me for interpretation of dreams, and I’ve had knowledge of things that were being said or done- from 1000s of miles a way, I sometimes hear people in my dreams (or during meditation-), I hear them speak with accents in languages I have never learned- typically when they are in times of serious trouble, distress, or sometimes at their time of death- I have heard and I am certain that these gifts came from my lineage. Growing up our dining table chatter typically involved such topics as cures for everything from warts to migraines, to determining the sex of a baby that had not yet been conceived. It was normal to hear and belief was not optional- I am thankful for growing up in a family with the faith and wisdom to know that such gifts need to be accepted and nurtured if they are to grow in our lives.
    Embrace your gifts is my best advice. Believe in it- and look for ways to cultivate it. It’s worth noting I think that my grandmother and her mother’s family – were all very spiritual christians with a profound belief in conservative christianity. They simply saw their spiritual gifts a just that- Gifts of the Spirit. I’d love to talk to others who may have the same background or if you have questions..hit me up!
    @leelinda63 ON TWITTER

    1. Hello, my people are from Southeastern Kentucky as well….I wish I has spent more time learning WHY my grandma just “knew things,” in later years I learned it was an extremely strong intuition. I also learned that certain “feelings” I get sometimes or things that pop into my mind out of the blue will VERY SOON come to pass. I seemed to have inherited my grandma’s gift of “knowing things,” I just don’t know a lot about how to control it. I don’t know who and where to ask for help, since I am a Christian and fear I would be frowned on because I have such a “gift.” If anyone has any ideas how I should approach this or how to proceed, I am all ears. I now live in Upstate SC, and I am open to suggestions.

      1. I am also a Christian. I can tell about people when spending a very few minutes with them. I would have vivid dreams then a tragedy would occur. I didn’t like it. I prayed asked the Lord to remove that he did. My dad knew of these things. He spent a lot of time telling me things that he seen. Mom never talked about things but the older she became the more she told. I don’t practice anything but I know what I see, hear, and dream. I just go with it Cherokee and Scottish run deep in our family. We’re either fair skin or dark. Lol. I can listen to people and pretty well know it they are not honest or if they possess a evilness about them. But this is my first of hearing the name “ granny witches”. Now I am a nurse, before I recognize it, my nurse friends told me they noticed I got anxious before someone passed it before a code Blue was called then afterwards I relaxed. I got to watching it and they were right.

    2. Hi you are not alone. I also grew up sitting at a table with my grandmother and her sister reading my coffee cup. My grandmother was a healer. Removed warts drew out fire if burned and more. To me this was normal. But the first time i drew fire out of a good friends finger after she struck a match an the sulfur stuck to her finger. She made me promise to never do that again for anyone. Later she told me i scared her an she thought I was a witch. Lol well i am and can do all the things spoke about here. My grandmother said i was special and taught me what she knew. It comes natural. You are who you are so embrace it.

  30. I love this so much. I have it saved and come back to read it again and again. Beautiful piece. It describes my lineage exactly. Just wanted to leave some love!

  31. We are a traveling family-living on the road to show our children a better way of living and connectedness. My husband and I both have background in indigenous shamanism. My daughter has healing and intuitive powers and my youngest son sees spirit. No roots to the Appalachian culture however for myself, a deep drive to connect with it. Anyone have insight or guidance on where that could open up for us? Love to learn and give in return💚

  32. Hi. I’ve been doing some family research, and want to learn more about the craft in the Appalachia. An ancestor of mine was mentored by a woman named Sarah Pickle. Does anyone here know more about her?

    1. I don’t know that name. I’m in the western tip of north carolina. I’m not doing research on family, as we are all accounted for. I am however interested in talking with others about about Appalachian folk practices, or as we call them, “root women/men”

      1. There’s a man named Orion Foxwood who learned Appalachian folk medicine and African-American root work from family and mentors in Virginia. I don’t know him personally, but I believe he is ethical because one of my teachers, R.J. Stewart, vouches for him. I’ve read his books and found them pretty helpful, though he doesn’t disclose actual conjure methods (which wouldn’t be ethical). I read them just to learn a bit about the culture. My ancestors were from Appalachia and my paternal grandmother, I believe, knew some root work, just going by things people have told me. All hard to pin down because they’re all departed now and no one wanted to acknowledge those gifts at that time.

  33. I have some sort of gift. I have dreams and they come true. I dreamed about the World Trade Center tragedy 3 days before it happened. I also dreamed about tornados while in Missouri and they happened that weekend. I would like to develop this gift but not sure how. I would love to be able to help people with this gift.

    1. To dream true is a great gift, if sometimes a heavy burden. Honor it by keeping a dream journal and it will grow stronger yet.

      Did you know that you can affect your waking world by re-entering dreams and mastering any imageof fear you find there? It is true — I’ve done it. Our minds are wonderous and the only working tool a magical person really needs.

      1. I have dreams quite frequently that are warnings of trouble within my family amd myself. My family is originally from deep Appalachia and we still live on its edge. Both my grandmothers had similar gifts. My mother, sister, and some of my aunts also have these gifts. I’ve always had a deep connection with nature and can sense things that others don’t. Until your post, I thought I was weird. You’ve identified common practices that I have done since childhood that I was taught by my female elders. Even my father had certain beliefs that seemed strange to others especially surrounding nature. He would never let me pick flowers or disturb nature unless it was absolutely necessary then we would thank it for sacrificing its life. Dad would use herbs and tonics for illnesses.

        Thank you for sharing and giving me an explaination of my history.

      2. I’m 63 and have been re-entering dreams my whole life. Sometimes I can re-enter them multiple times in the morning. However, I never knew you could conquer fears this way. I often have dreams that come true also.

  34. My grandparents on my mother’s side both come from the mountains of WV and so do many generations before them . They are also German and Cherokee I have always known about different women in my family in every generation having gifts even my mother. I my self can feel other people’s emotions or traumatic experiences they have had. I don’t quite understand my gift yet. When I read this article it was almost like the feeling of coming home.Thank you for this.And if anyone has any insight for me I would appreciate it.

  35. I once knew of a family that were very afraid of their grandmother. She could cast spells and claimed to have killed several people with her dolls and magic potions. However, they did not believe in God. I remember going to their house and she was in a fit of rage at the death of her son. She picked up a Bible and threw it into the yard cursing God all the while. She was someone to be fearful of.

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