This Is Our Song

24 thoughts on “This Is Our Song”

  1. Oh Anna, you’ve done it again. You’ve written down in your beautiful words exactly how I feel looking out at the mountains wanting to hold on to this time just a little while longer. Up here in Canaan summer is a long time coming and winter stays too long. I look out now and see the top of the Maples turning and no not yet. Thank you

  2. What beautiful imagery. I was taken back to my growing up observing the bright colors and sounds of all seasons. I’m beginning my seventies now and marvel how fast I arrived. Time to think back and try to remember. Thankyou

  3. This made me cry. I think it is something about the age we are now that makes you know, you are young enough to still enjoy new adventures and all the sweet things of life, but old enough to realize: it will be gone too soon. I always love reading your writing. Don’t forget about us when you are rich and famous!

  4. Loved this Anna!! It expresses exactly what I am feeling right now yet I, unlike you, have no idea how to express these feelings. I am also a summer girl and it seems the season can never ever last long enough. I love your stories and am so happy your Mom led me to them,!

  5. I too hear the sad song coming from the mountains, lamenting the coming end of summer. I listen and it takes me back in time to better days and the realization dawns on me then that I have much less time than I did back then. this post was beautifully written.

  6. Absolutely beautiful!! I’ve always been such a summertime girl. Your writing puts my thoughts and feelings to life and stirs my soul…. 🙂

      1. Anna, thank you. That is truly such an honor coming from you. Every thing you write is so dear to my heart. You have such a gift. I usually do not comment, but I always am touched. I tend to be shy at commenting. I read this listening to the crickets and thinking of other times. I so enjoy your work. Thank you again. xx -CC

  7. Magically evocative… There is so much hidden in your layered imagery. And yet, you allow us to discover secrets that speak to our own hearts best. I read this through three times without pause, fearing that I might have overlooked something beautiful. And I was right.

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