Still Sleeping: Jones Chapel Cemetery Revisited

7 thoughts on “Still Sleeping: Jones Chapel Cemetery Revisited”

  1. Do you have the address for this Jones Cemetery? I am looking for my great grandfather, William L Jones. He died in 1910 just before my grandfather was born. His name was William L Jones and his poppy was William Jones Jr.
    He was from this area of VA/WV. Thank you. I love reading your stories, each one take me home for a few minutes.

  2. Great evocation of the history of Southern loss. The langue speaks volumes. Have you visited the Garden in Savannah? If no, go. You will love the stories our people tell there.

  3. Isn’t it sad that the headstones get discolored and the ground shifts so that they often lean or even fall over? I imagine that family members who would ordinarily care for these graveyards may have died or moved away. My husband and I do like to walk through old cemeteries (and new ones too), reading the headstones and trying to imagine what their life was like. Thanks for this …

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