Wilder than Ginseng

13 thoughts on “Wilder than Ginseng”

  1. Just had surgery on my eye first time I’ve actually been able to read anything for a long time and I’ve enjoyed every word thank you so much looking forward to your book ❤

  2. I love to read your stories and can’t wait for your book! You are a very gifted writer that I’m hopping to see much much more of.

  3. I feel so blessed to have stumbled onto this. I cannot wait for your novel. Please do write me a line when it is published so that i do not miss it. your writing is a wonder and a joy and my heart is touched by what you have shared with us. you have a wonderful gift and a many songs to sing.

  4. Don’t fret–it will come when it comes like the holy spirit, unasked for, always a surprise and then is gone! We are all a part of every character we create and disappointment at not being exactly like each one is ego and not good for any artist!

  5. This is your first published writing other than your blog? Hmm… Is it possible for one to feel disappointment and exhilaration at the same time? It must be. If you say that this is fiction and you are not Angie, then, yes, I am a bit disappointed.
    But the prospect of reading more about Angie and her mommy and daddy, sheer exhilaration! Your writing does not just put me back home–I AM home when reading your words.
    Please finish soon. And, above all, DO NOT fail to let us know when, where, and how we may purchase.

    1. Other than a handful of short stories (and online fodder strewn here and yonder), yes, the blog is it thus far. But I am steadily trying to change that. 🙂 Angie and I thank you!

  6. I’m in agreement, I can’t wait for your book! Your style of writing quickly puts me back home where I grew up with my own view of Clinch Mountain.

  7. I’m from the Appalachia, but have lived away from it these past years. When I read your work, I feel a sort of tug, a thread of connection you might say. Your words read true, like the story of an aunt or uncle or long past grandparent. Keep up the good work and don’t lose faith. Its a hard road that a writer travels. Spinning the story is only half the journey.

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