Southwest Virginia Saturday Nights

22 thoughts on “Southwest Virginia Saturday Nights”

  1. Anna, I’m a Sand Siding, WV girl raised in the 50’s not far from Richlands as the crow flies. Your writing carries me back to that special time and place and I close my eyes and I’m there again for a little while and it’s just as I remember it.
    Your writing touches my heart. Thank you for the words.

  2. Such deep words….small towns everywhere seemingly the same. I was raised in the same small town you were, doing the same things with the same familiar faces and names, to songs of the 70’s in s generation before you… southern Colorado. Isn’t it nice that some things never do change?

  3. Your words never cease to amaze me, this you spoke for so many people that live or lived in our great hometown. Thank you sweet Anna for taking us back thru laughter & tears!!!

  4. hello Anna I grew up in southwest Virginia Scott Co to be exact and just reading your stories and all brings back a lot of memories your writings are awesome I enjoyed reading them very much and its good to see people from back where I grew up for I don’t run across to many who can write the way u have … have a very blessed evening

  5. I grew up in Richlands; it will always be home. Your writing takes me back, so many wonderful memories. Please continue writing and publishing your outstanding articles.

  6. This is Awesome Im A Honaker Man Myself And I enjoyed this a lot. Good Ole Richlands I use to look forward For The Weekend Pilgrimage to Richlands to cruise the Roses Parkin lot and pick up some Richlands Girls !!

  7. I you are awesome! I grew up in bland ,va in the 60sand early 70s I remember a lot of Saturday nightsLord brings the memories back

  8. I found your “pieces” on a Facebook page forwarded from a relative and I am wanting to read more and more! I am from the Appalachian Mountain area as well. A little town called Haysi, VA and I worked at Grundy Hospital in the late 1960’s. So much of what you write about brings so many memories back to me…. I find it so refreshing that someone can actually put ‘pen to paper’ and tell it like we lived it! Life is different in Appalachia but not necessarily bad as it is hard and profoundly different from anywhere else I have lived. My Dad was a coal miner for 30+ years and I am one of eight kids that he raised! I sincerely hope that someday you will write a book about your life there because it is different and it will always be “home”! Thank you!

  9. I found your writing tonight. I haven’t been able to stop taking it all in. For a few hours I’ve laid here reading and remembering. I am from an area only a short mountain road drive away from where it seems you are from. I relate to so many of the things you say; from your grandma’s “sensitivity”to all the things we were ” taught” to be as ladies. Keep writing kind spirit. Your words are being hesrd loud and clear by many thankful to take them in.

  10. 💞 always worth the read. Lookin back and reminiscing is always a cure-all for the blues; far better than any medicine out there. Keep them comin’ perty lady!

  11. July 19, 1990 and July 19, 1991. The tragic date that the Harrison and Coleman boys passed first, then the sweet Harman girl one year late. Anna- your talent. There are no words!

  12. I have so many stories like this in my own private collection. We write very much alike and hold our sweet home town so deep in our hearts. So many people don’t understand why I am so proud to ‘bleed Tornado blue’, these words are why. We were and are family. Thank you for sharing, this brought back memories and tears. I remember where I was when she died and I miss her, I was with Brad the night before and miss him him terribly.

  13. Wow! You write for the souls from the deep Blue, indeed. Your recollections, putting our life puzzles back together for the WE who crave remembering, for strengthening the fibers that hold us together…thank you! You are GOOD, C. S.!

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