A Legend of these Hills

3 thoughts on “A Legend of these Hills”

  1. Going to begin writing a book of memnories for my mother. She wonders if I remember any funny “mom” stories, like I wrote of my grandmother. You are inspiring.

  2. I can’t explain to you what a revelation it has been to find your site today, to read through your posts. It had already stirred in me the wanting to pick up my pen and write again, to visit stories of my own (albeit California) country childhood. And then this post. Your description of your father is so eerily like my own daddy that it’s alarming. Blond hair, blue eyes, talented at anything he put his hand to, the time in Korea. The little brother lost. And I was with my own daddy when he passed in February of 2006. He was from Tennessee, and I was born in California, but thank you for sharing your stories and for reminding me of my own past.

  3. It is hard to write about our home. Many of us don’t read much and we don’t speak truths about our home out loud in front of God and everybody. I am interested by your efforts to speak truth about us and will read what you create with interest. One suggestion. Our pines are rare unlike down south. We may be more oak than anything. 🙂

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