Sittin’ Up With the Dead

5 thoughts on “Sittin’ Up With the Dead”

  1. Anna, I just discovered your stories a couple of days ago. I love your writing. The more I read of it, the more I want. Have you written a book yet? If so, where can I buy it.

  2. I remember both Papaw’s being brought home and my great-grandfather being brought home. People stayed up all night with them. They were in the house. I remember as a kid never thinking anything about it. The coffins were open. Just love your writing- thank you.

  3. I have sat up with the dead along the banks of Rockhouse Creek in Letcher County on so many occasions I have lost count. I have heard the stories of corpses stirring inside a sealed coffin while gown men labored to carry it up the side of a steep mountain so the questionably deceased could rest on the point with his ancestors. The term “dead ringers” would likely apply to these accounts. Although, I don’t know how anyone would hear the not truly dead ringing the bell from so far back down the mountain. Seems to me that someone should have sat with the dead after the burial to listen for the bell instead of sitting for three days wiping sweat off the corpse while the men folk sat on the porch telling lies and drinking moonshine.

  4. I can remember sitting up with the dead! My grandpa in Pike County, KY wanted to be taken home for his ‘wake’. All night long the pentecostals preached, prayed, & cried. And the grandfather clock chimed the hours. I still hate chiming clocks!
    I’m so grateful that a FB friend sent me a link to your site. I love your writing!

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