Relique and Anna Sea

4 thoughts on “Relique and Anna Sea”

  1. I actually used to visit Relique every day for a time (this time was at least a year). I still internally compare images and even feelings to your art. Lovely ghosts, they do linger in the strangest places. This one flower nursery always reminds me of Relique, as do crumbled graveyards & moss…and especially old photographs. I got my love of old photographs from you (the thought of those semi or otherwise totally forgotten people gets me everytime). I remember your stories written to go along with photos you’d acquired, picture & writings about your old house, a story of a church in the night, tarantulas on a large book, a nude lady in a chair, a ghostly child standing guard at a fence, and the emotional impressions of several others. If I ever, ever find anything of yours online, I’ll let you know. Someone must have them. Have you considered contacting people on DA who may have gotten prints from you?
    Anyways, I was so happy to see the post, I have to tell you. 🙂 🙂

  2. Ohh yes. Relique .net. It was a favourite haunt of mines.
    So, perhaps the creations have been reformatted and erased by the tides of time but the creator, with her imagination and sense of mystery is still here 🙂
    All the best with your new beginnings x

  3. *waves* I do remember your work on Relique. Unfortunately I’m not sure if I’ve any of it saved. 😦
    I did find “Shadow Dance” online, though.

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