“Get Your Red Shoes On, Girl…”

4 thoughts on ““Get Your Red Shoes On, Girl…””

  1. You, my lady are brave.
    I too have a story from where I began, but unlike you, mine frightens me into screams.
    My parents never raised me, but I remember them well, Its the well known names of trees and things that turned my days into hell.
    You see with gifts and more, all I got was enemies galore.
    Hiding in the closet and scared of my shadow,
    I wouldn’t even turn to family as I only trust myself..now my parents are dead, been like that since I was ten. Raised by strangers who knew nothing of me and my tree.
    The only familiar thing that stayed through the years were the ones who would do me in.
    Keeping their distance in plain sight but it never kept me safe, the sun always set and they would always take a try and some more successful that others.
    But even they see that I can change all to well when it all becomes too much..like swallowing them whole, shoes and all and leaving behind a witness as damaged as me.
    I’m never going to repeat what sins my parents had, that made me run and never look back.
    Still scared of my shadow, still lightest on my feet when I sleep.
    Screaming myself awake when I see my whole family in black in my yard, with an empty cradle that I can only guess was mine, Granny calling at me, pointing at the cradle, I cannot bear to stay asleep for long. I cannot bear to leave the house.
    I was never your average kid, and I never stopped being weird, I know and see, and what I say comes true, but fire is not hot to my touch, it refuses to burn me and death doesn’t accept me, no matter the circumstance. My father always said that I am the key, and there’s really nothing my eyes can’t see.
    But the nightmares seem to become my life and life seems like hell. If going back was my only option to end this, then the devil better get used to me, because hell is lot easier than the place I came from.
    Sometimes I feel cursed, sometimes I feel scared, sometimes when the night is just right I feel every soul around me.

  2. Oh how I love the stories of Appalachia, as the mountains call to me. I look forward to reading your posts and your future writings. Im blessed with an old soul and was blessed to live in Shelby nc near a granny witch whose powers were passed down from her granny.

  3. My aunt Betty used to live in Big Creek.. she had the meanest rooster ya ever did see… one year whilst back visiting, I had a brand new pair of RED roper boots..when that ol’ banny rooster came at me, I kicked that old bird right in the chest…he never, ever, chased me again! To this day, I always have a pair of red roper boots… been through atleast 9 pair in my lifetime…..

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