17 Years

4 thoughts on “17 Years”

  1. Hello Anna!
    How is spring where you are? Global warming is having a play with Spring in London. One week the sky is bright, full of Blue and warm Sun rays – and then, the next week the Winter chill peeks its head around the corner and blackens the clouds!
    I’m glad you have put your work back online. I missed it when Relique and Fluere went down.
    Thanks buddy.
    Levi S
    aka Fink 2iCe

  2. Hey, just wanted you to know that every now and then I come on here, and I am really amazed at the person that you are and have become, and that I really never got to know way back when during our younger years. For fear of you thinking I am some damn weirdo, (which I most certainly am not, cuz I work with real weirdos at the prison) I have not commented on any of the things you have written, but this post grabbed me enough to say thank you for sharing this with the world. Funny how folks move apart in life and get scattered to the wind, and never get to see what great people folks they knew once upon a time have truly become. I have been around alot of very gifted folks in my education and life experience, but I think you are very likely the best writer I have read, at least in terms of putting feelings, thoughts, emotions, and yourself into what you write about. Having practiced psychotherapy for nearly 10 years now, I can tell you that I wish the folks I meet could gain 1/10 of the insight you have. Anyway, Jess and I are off to the Smokies soon for some R and R, and I wanted to take the time to say Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

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